Is this History or your Childhood?

Class 3 have been working their way through the Post War decades in Topic. Visiting and stopping at each decade. Quite possibly having a fab and groovy time! The one area that caught the imagination of the children was making Platform shoes/boots. The finished products were amazing. Felix in Year 4 said, "We've been doing about Platform shoes from the 70's. We made them out of old shoes and stuck pieces of paper underneath and padded them out with newspaper and papier mache and again with white paper, then painted black and white patterns and colourful flowers." Platform shoes were so far out it even made the News! In Literacy the children have been reading Tyke Tiler by Gene Kemp. Mrs Grain

Week 5 Rocket Seeds from Space VLOG

Blue Seeds Red Seeds Here is our week 5 post with our feature VLOG following the progress of our seeds. Our VLOG this week is like our Rocket Seeds - Short and Sweet! Our experiment is now well underway. Mrs Rogers commented, "If you pick the trays with the healthier plants it seems the blue seeds are healthier and stronger". The question is though, which ones were in Space? For more things Space........... Check out Tim Peakes Blog Here

Science Enrichment Day

St Giles held a Science Enrichment day that was literally out of this world ! The Space Race. In addition to teaching the National Curriculum St Giles School offers Enrichment Days every half term which aim to develop children's life skills and broaden horizons. Simon Edwards, A STEM Ambassador (Science, Technology, Engineering. Mathematics) joined the children for the whole day and the topic was the Space Race. Simon explained about the Space Race between the Soviet Union, USA, China and Europe and the timeline of Space Exploration, Space Programmes, the first man in Space, the Moon Landings and Space Stations! Here Simon, with his son Teddy, demonstrates how satellites orbit the Earth. Wh

Wrap around Childcare and much more.........

Wraparound Childcare in St Giles School is designed to provide affordable childcare for our children around traditional school hours. We start at 8am and finish at 5.30pm What do we offer? Our breakfast club from 8.00am is £2.00 and our After School Club full session from 3.15 until 5.30 is £6.00. That’s £8.00 a day which is almost half the cost of some childcare providers in the area. Breakfast Club We will give your child a quiet start to the day having the choice to either colour, draw, paper crafts, lego etc or read a book. Breakfast is served from 8am until 8.30am Breakfast Club starts at 8.00am The cost is only £2.00 per day per child! Breakfast Club details After School Club After Sch

Week 4 Rocket Seeds from Space VLOG

Here is our week 4 post with our feature VLOG following the progress of our seeds. We are one of 10,000 UK schools participating in this classroom experiment. Our results along with results from schools across the nation will be collated and analysed by professional biostatisticians. We are Rocket Scientists! What is a biostatistician? A biostatistician is someone who uses or applies mathematics and statistics to varying categories in biology. They design biological experiments primarily in the field of agriculture and medicine; they collect, dissect, and summarize the data, and release information based on the findings of that data.

Academisation and SATs

Our journey so far............ Forced academisation is a hot topic at the moment so after the somewhat turbulent journey of St Giles CE Primary School it is worth pausing to take stock of our experience. Although our conversion to Academy Status was forced upon us, when we finally became an academy many of those involved were relieved that the uncertainties of the previous two years were finally over. Through this uncertainty we always felt that we had the support of the Derby Diocese as we would remain a church school regardless of the final decision. During the ‘consultation’ David Channon put forward the case for us joining the Derby Diocesan Academy Trust (DDAT) in a very balanced way an

Week 3 Day 17 Rocket Seeds from Space VLOG

Here is our week 3 post with our feature VLOG following the progress of our seeds. We are now sharing and discussing our results with Rowsley CofE Primary School, who like us are also part of the Tim Peake Primary Project this year. Pop over to Rowsley’s webpage to look at their Tim Peake Primary Project Do you agree with our Findings? Do you have a different theory? Let us know what you think. Over and out for this week…………..

A Day at The Museum - Year 2 & 3

Topic this half term at St Giles School is Post War Britain. Year 2 & 3 have been focussing on the 1950’s. Mrs Angrave said, “They have been very interested in this topic and enjoyed a slideshow that was made especially for them. They were fascinated to find out about everyday life that wasn't that long ago but is so different from their lives today.” The children set up a museum in Class 2 for the day. Artefacts adorned the tables with descriptions of each item from the 1950's written by the children in creative writing. They were thinking about questions people would ask them as curators and read each other’s descriptions about each object. Visit our virtual museum! Year 2 & 3 also wrote a

Week 2 Day 10 Rocket Seeds from Space VLOG

Here is our week 2 post with our feature VLOG following the progress of the seeds and their growth under strictly controlled conditions as set out by RHS Campaign for School Gardening. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Campaign for School Gardening is working with the UK Space Agency to encourage our children to become space biologists in order to weigh up whether it is possible to grown our own food on other planets, millions of miles away from Earth.

Code Club - Geek is the new Cool!

At St Giles School there is an After School Computer Code Club for the Upper Juniors. Computer Coding is something that all children will be taught in ICT but Code Club takes it to the next level and starts to shape our computer programmers of the future. It’s also great fun. Code Club has always been popular with St Giles Juniors. We have now an ex pupil Jake Field, who goes to Highfields, and has come back to volunteer at Code Club and bring some of his expertise to help us. Jake said , “I always like coding and the fact you can make games by typing in words and symbols. When you get older it gets harder to learn and you have less of an imagination so code club for 9-11 is a great age to s

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