Countdown to the Summer!

The end of the Summer term is fast approaching and as we look forward to the summer holidays St Giles School isn’t winding down just yet! Over the next four weeks there will be a lot happening. So we thought we’d take stock, write it down and post it for reference. We’ve also put all the dates on the online Calendar on the School Website Week Beginning 27th June Wednesday 29th June New Reception Children Parents and Carers meeting. This is for all our new families in the afternoon with Mrs Forster and Mrs Maltby. This meeting allows our new starters to find out about our school, ask questions, buy uniform and PE kit from Mrs Bednall, ready for September. Thursday 30th June Year 6 Highfields

Rocket Seeds from Space Vlog!

And it was finally revealed which colour seed packet had been in space................. The RHS stated before Tim Peake went to the ISS, they asked him to flip a coin to decide which colour packet would contain the space seeds - red or blue? Now the answer is revealed! And here is the reaction of Class 4 on hearing the news! Daniel Hallam said, "It was amazing and interesting to see and learn about the Space Station and how the seed packets reacted in the same classroom conditions." And here is the great man himself telling us all the news of the seeds!

Garden Party Invitation - Saturday 25th June 2pm

Preparation is well underway for St Giles Primary School to perform at St Giles Church Garden Party. The first practice session went extremely well and it seems we have naturally talented country dancers. Our Choir have also been working hard for a pitch perfect performance. The Garden Party will be held from 2pm until 4pm. It is all happening outside the church, on the green by the top church gate. It will be opened by the Starkholmes May Queen. There will be lots of fantastic activities and stalls for everyone to come and join in the fun. Activities: Cromford Community Brass Band, St Giles Primary School Country Dancing, St Giles School Choir, Prize DrawStalls: Plants, Jewellery and Book

Mud, Mud glorious Mud Kitchens!

Our Mud kitchen offers a great opportunity to work alongside our outdoor learning and Forest Craft Philosophy for our early years setting. It gives our children a great sensory experience and the chance to find their own natural resources. It really is great fun! Children love making amazing recipes from their own experiences and observations of cooking. A Mud kitchen provides a whole variety of different learning opportunities. The children connect with the great outdoors and are lost in role play, communication and creativity. Leila, Sonny and Chloe W have been enjoying the mud kitchen and said, "We have a made a house for worms." Chloe Wh was extremely busy and explained, "I have made cho

The Great Outdoors!

We have been busy bees at St Giles over recent months. As a whole school community we are embracing Outdoor Learning and making it a part of every day school life. The Parents and Volunteers Association started work on grounds development over the Easter Break on our Woodland classroom, The Allotment, The Butterfly Garden, The Orchard and the Conservation Garden. Massive progress was made and kick started the move to getting outside. We have had Derbyshire Wildlife Trust ‘Learning Landscapes’ sessions in school with groups of children. They specialise in working directly with our children to improve school grounds for learning, play and wildlife benef

Week 6, Day 35 - Final Week. Over & Out!

Here is our last Vlog for the final week of the Rocket Seeds from Space Experiment. All the schools involved are sending thier findings to the RHS and on the 20th June Tim Peake will announce to the world which set of seeds have been in Space. We will share all the information we get from Tim Peake and the RHS. Class 4 have worked really hard on this experiement and so wait with baited breath for the results and findings.

Great St Giles Bake Off.

You may watch The Great British Bake Off but Year 6 took it a step further. Not only did they bake, they designed and made their own packaging, shopped for their ingredients, costed their Bakes, marketed their Bakes and then sold them. As a post SATS project Year 6 completed the British Bake Off Challenge as a Business Enterprise exercise. Their end goal was to raise enough money so as they could buy a Green Screen to use in ICT and Code Club. The children made a test batch, tasting, critiquing and familiarising themselves with the recipe and doing the washing up. Some of the participants continued the work at home and did some more test baking. They also catered to different markets. One gr

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