Becoming a Year 6!

The holidays aren’t over but before Year 5 finished for the summer thoughts turned to becoming a Year 6. This blog has been turned over to them and some of their thoughts about what has passed and what will the future hold as a Year 6? Anya Hi my name is Anya Rose Peach, and I have been at St Giles for 6 years now and I’m in year 5 now, but after the six week holidays I will be in year 6. I can’t wait until year 6 because I would like to know who head boy is and who head girl is, and the sports ambassadors. Personally I think Lucy and Rocco, but it might be Joe instead. I am friends with Lucy, Maisy, Emily, Lydia and Kieran. We go around in a group but Kieran just plays football, Lacrosse, h

Back to Basics & Bushcraft!

In September we are starting our Forest Craft sessions. Every child at St Giles will have a total of 12 afternoon lessons throughout the school year, engaging the children in our woodland environment, undertaking activities outdoors and in natural settings. Forest Craft has been especially designed and compiled for St Giles School around our amazing grounds and local wildlife. Throughout the summer term the children had taster sessions and very quickly we could see them developing a positive relationship with each other and the natural world around them. The children were engaged and worked brilliantly in their teams. The Staff and Governors recognise the value of outdoor learning as part of

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