Class 3 Derby Open Centre Trip

Class 3 had a great day at The Derby Open Centre. They visited The Derby Jamia Mosque. Then onto The Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara where they donated food, grown in their class garden, to give to the kitchen to cook for all the people that are fed daily in the Gurdwara. After that they were treated to food prepared in the Gurdwara kitchen. Finally they went back to The Derby Open Centre to take part in an Asian Marriage workshop (Hindu, Sikh and Muslim), where they dressed up, danced and Mehndi patterns were painted on their hands. One thing they learned was people from a different faith or cultural heritage have more similarities than differences. What is the Derby Open Centre? “Established in 19

What did you do at school today?

Often when we ask our children, “What did you do at school today?” The reply can often be, “Nothing, can I have something to eat?” or a variation of that. As a parent a little more information would be appreciated. Here you will see a day in the life of our Reception Children. This year’s Reception children have settled in so well; they are a wonderful group of children and we are very blessed to have some very thoughtful Year 6 children who have played with them at playtimes, making sure they are happy and busy. The school day starts off with settling in and reading books or doing an activity with parents and carers before the bell goes for the grown-ups to leave and the register to be take

Request for 2 litre milk bottles! (Please)

"Class 4 will be creating something special when they come back after October half term. I know it is rather early to be thinking about this, but collecting the resources we need will take this long. I would like you to send your empty 2 litre milk bottles (washed and with lids) to school please. All will be revealed in due course. Thank you.." Mrs Rogers Apparently they do need to be really well washed out as Mrs Angrave has had first hand experience of this! She once made a massive cow out of milk bottles and it started to pong badly after two weeks. Glad she warned us! Just drop them off at school and we'll pass them onto Mrs Rogers. And thank you.

Week one and we're off!

Everyone has settled in really well and more importantly are happy to be at school. The children seemed pleased to be back at school and lessons started straight away. This year we have some really exciting topics across all classes which will be engaging, expressive and innovative while maintaining our high standards and expectations. For more information on what your child’s Topic is this half term click here. We all came together on Tuesday in Collective Worship to find out what we had all been doing over the last six weeks. As a school we have visited many places over the holidays and had many new experiences. We have been to America, Beamish, Biggin, Bournemouth, Canada, Cornwall, Cumb

Back to School!

With just days to go until, new and old, start the new school year at St Giles School we have messages from our Head Teacher, Mrs Forster and our Class Teachers telling us what amazing things will be happening in the classroom. We certainly have lots of amazing things to look forward to and there is already a buzz about the Topics the children will be covering this half term. A message from Mrs Forster September is an exciting time for everyone involved with St Giles Primary School. It’s always fun to find out what other people have been doing over the 6 weeks break, to meet new pupils and to learn new things – not just for pupils but teachers too. We have so many things to look forward to i

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