Challenge & Help!

As a Church of England Primary School and member of DDAT we have been asked to help with Bishop Alastair’s Harvest Appeal 2016. This year the Appeal is in aid of the Ray of Hope project led by the Cathedral Relief Service Kolkata. Kolkata has one of India's largest slums with over a third of the population living in poverty. All family members have to work with women and children bearing the burden of this. PHOTO The Cathedral Relief Service is establishing 'Nari Dana' a new dressmaking training programme for women, and resourcing an education programme 'Ray of Hope' for children, to allow them to avoid exploitative work, such as prostitution and sweatshops. We have been asked to raise £200

Dinosaurs, Vikings, The Plague & more..........

The beginning of the new school year has been a busy, enjoyable and interesting one for everyone. It has been wonderful to meet and get to know all of our new children who have joined St Giles throughout the whole school. Here is a montage of what has happened this half term. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did doing it. The Infants programming Dino bots to travel around their Dinosaur land maps. They also used stop motion animation to record their programming work. There was a discovery of a dinosaur egg at school by Class 1 & 2.. Class 3 saw the arrival of a Viking Long boat and a charge of axe wielding Vikings in the playground. Class 3 visited The Derby Open Centre. They went to a mo

White Hall Residential Trip Class 4

Class 4’s Residential Trip was a resounding success. The energy and excitement from the children was palpable on their return. They were certainly kept busy and pushed many personal barriers. Activities included Stream Scrambling, walking up stream through a rat tunnel, crawling through gaps, sliding down a water slide, up and under logs, checking to see who was a witch in the Witches’ pool, (anyone who floated was a witch). They also camouflaged themselves to hide from pygmies and stood under a waterfall. They braved a zip wire and completed an assault course, climbing up a 6 metre pole and jumping off it onto a trapeze. They took part in canoeing and had to lie between two canoes and blow

Open Days at St Giles

ST GILES CE PRIMARY SCHOOL MATLOCK IS HOLDING TWO OPEN DAYS on Tuesday 11th October 9.30pm-11am 1.30-2.30pm Monday 7th November 9.30pm-11am 1.30-2.30pm A warm welcome will be given when you visit the new St Giles CE Primary School in Matlock. The whole community are invited to attend one of the Open Days. The Open days give parents, in Matlock and the surrounding area, the opportunity to see what is at the new St Giles CE Primary School. They have a lot to offer your child and are excited to show you what makes them different. Situated in superb grounds below Riber Castle, there are lots of opportunities for outdoor learning. With small classes the children are supported in every respect t

Fun, Football & Faith!

At St Giles CE Primary School we have had a busy and productive week. The beginning of the week started with Forest Craft; Years 1&2 did some pond clearing and tree identification around the school grounds before sheltering from the rain and fire lighting. While Class 2 were doing Forest Craft Reception were (picture taken over the fence while forest craft were walking past) extremely busy in the mud kitchen. On Tuesday afternoon St Giles School took part in the Fair Trade football tournament at Cavendish Fields with other schools from around Matlock. Our Sports Ambassadors, Lucy and Joe Year 6, worked out team formations for each game and spent time thinking about the best positions for eac

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