A day in the life.............

A teacher’s day doesn’t start at 9 o’clock and end at 3.30 with an hour for lunch. Here is a normal Monday for each class teacher. Here you can see how your child’s day is structured and that of the teachers.Mrs Maltby – Reception & Class 1 & Class 2 in the afternoon Arrived at school 8am Mrs Angrave – Class 2 Arrived at school 8am Mrs Grainger - Class 3 Arrived at school 7.30 Mrs Rogers – Class 4 Arrived at School 7.45 Arrival at school - 8.30 (All Teachers) Gathering resources, printing off WALTs (What are we learning today) for each lesson, cutting them up. Putting resources out and getting the classroom ready for the children. Meeting with Class Teaching Assistants and going through the

Once upon a time............

Once upon a time, in a land very close to here lived 5 magical teachers. They all worked extremely hard and loved teaching the wonderful children at St Giles School. One day, as evening drew in, they were sat in the staffroom after a particularly long staff meeting perhaps curriculum planning, or target setting, possibly writing policies, having a work scrutiny or maybe subject coordinators’ meeting (obviously not marking or lesson planning as that would have to wait until they got home) a Fairy appeared and granted them 3 wishes. In unison, without hesitation the 5 teachers replied with – I wish every child in school would learn their spellings, practise their times tables and read at home

Bag this season must have!

A quick post just to say we still have some St Giles School Jute Bags and a brand new stock of St Giles Book Bags. Both have the new school logo on them and are very smart. St Giles Jute Bag £4.95 St Giles Book Bag £3.20 Pop along to the office to pick up your new bag.

Breakfast Club & After School Club at St Giles

Here at St Giles School we pride ourselves on our Wraparound Childcare. ‘Wraparound childcare’ is childcare that schools provide outside of normal school hours, such as breakfast clubs or after school.” Ella said, "I love playing who's who at After School Club and I like colouring at Breakfast Club." The childcare before and after school provides parents and careers with an invaluable service. Breakfast Club and After School Club are used by people everyday. However, things change for us all on a daily basis - did you know you can drop your child at Breakfast Club any morning without prior notice? Just get to school before 8.25 am and we will give them breakfast so as you can carry on with

New Year, New Half Term, New Topic

This half term brings along a new topic for each class. Here you can see what is happening in each class and how innovative, inspiring and engaging our Topics are. Splendid Skies Class 1 & 2 - Reception and Years 1 & 2 High above the land soaring over land and sea riding on the breeze. Then back down to the ground we are going to take a walk outside but what do we wear? How do we know what the weather will be like? To start this half term’s topic all of the infants went on a nature walk to High Tor. They looked at what the deciduous trees looked like at this time of the year. They found frost and ice, berries, holly, pine cones and a very friendly robin. The children collected items and took

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