Topics, Trips & Time Travel.

At St Giles we like to get the children excited about what they will be learning so to introduce the children to their new Topic we left sch

SATS and Information

SATs - As we look forward we emphasise to all the children, as we do in all lessons, 100% effort but not to worry about the tests. It's

Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

This week we will look back over the past year. The St Giles Blog is One Year Old and will be looking at ten different Blog Posts. Not necessarily the Top Ten but ten totally different Blogs that show the diversity of subjects the St Giles Blog has covered over the past 52 weeks. The Blog was set up to share and inform the children, parents, carers, friends and anyone interested about what is happening at St Giles CE Primary School. We are proud of our School and also enjoy communicating what we’ve been doing. Over the Year the Blog has been viewed 7392 times. There have been 62 Blogs published since it started. (At the time of writing this) So here are Ten Blogs Blog Posts from the past Yea

St Giles CE Primary School Enrichment Day

Each half term St Giles CE Primary School has an Enrichment day. What is an Enrichment Day ? A school enrichment day aims to take a subject and expand it, looking at them in more depth or from a different perspective. This half term’s enrichment day was an RE day. With Easter approaching the whole school looked at The Easter Story from different viewpoints and in various ways. The theme was ‘Witness’. Here is what we’ve been doing. Class 1 & 2 Infants For the Infants the aims for the day were to understand the Easter story and to know that there were many witnesses who saw Jesus alive after his death. Click here for the story. At the beginning of the day all the Infants were told the Easter

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