Class 3’s got Talent

Class 3 held their Music Partnership Ukulele Concert after a 30-week programmes of whole-class ensemble teaching. And they were fantastic! The children have had thirty 45-minute lessons, spread throughout the year taught by Paul and assisted by Caroline. A class set of instruments are handed out and every child and Mrs Murfin had an instrument of their own for the length of the programme. At the end of the 30 weeks the children and Mrs Murfin performed for the whole school and their parents and grandparents which gave the children the opportunity to share their success and talent. Here you can see the children’s amazing performances. What shall we do with the drunken sailor. "I'm a turtle an

Green Tree Schools Award - Gold!

St Giles has been taking part in the Woodland Trust Green Tree Schools Award. It’s free, fun and has fantastic activities to help our school celebrate woods and trees. We have been rewarded for completing environmental projects and encouraging outdoor learning. The awards are a fantastic way to enhance our school's green credentials whilst inspiring our children about woods and trees. We are one of over 8,000 schools already taking part. There are a variety of hands-on, educational activities that we have explored. They are designed to encourage our pupils to explore the natural world around them and use their imaginations. To find out more about the tasks we have completed take a look at Th

Maths, Marmite & Mastery!

Maths can be like marmite but unlike marmite, whatever your opinion, we need it. In homes across the country we can hear the cry of adults looking at Maths homework saying, “We didn’t do it like that when I was at school”. At St Giles School we believe that the role of our teachers is to help our children unlock their potential, we have high expectations of them and our children achieve the highest standards possible. We base this upon a solid foundation started in the Early Years Foundation Stage with well-structured teaching and learning which engages, innovates and enthuses the pupils throughout their school life. So, ‘What Are we Learning Today in Year 5?’ At the beginning of the week t

Can you feel the force?

Science at St Giles has always been taught innovatively. Our weekly lessons are always interactive and engaging. The Children theorise, investigate and then conclude. We have had STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) ambassadors at St Giles for Science enrichment days.. To see one of our Science Enrichment Days click here. And the children always thoroughly enjoy them. Here we will investigate what happens in a Science Lesson in the Reception Class. They were learning about Forces. They investigated what makes an object move and identified pushes and pulls as forces that make objects move. The children sat in a circle with a toy car in the middle and we discussed how we ca

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