Orchestral Music in Derby!

Class 3 went to Derby to perform with the Halle Orchestra as part of ‘Come and Play with the Hallé’. The theme of the event was Heroes and Villains. Here is a quick sneaky Peak of a well-known John Williams compostition. St Giles children along with children from 62 primary schools who had learned instruments thanks to the Derby & Derbyshire Music Partnership's Wider Opportunities programme played alongside the Hallé Orchestra in a special concert at the Derby Arena. It was a fabulous opportunity for everyone to join in and experience playing with a professional orchestra in a large concert hall setting − a very special experience for all involved. The attending school children have been lea

Class 4 - Alchemy & Portals!

Class 4 had a visit from The Chief Alchemist’s apprentice, who brought a golden box with a map and a key, a riddle and alchemist samples from a magical place called Alchemy Island. Class 4 will look for potential portals that they can use to reach Alchemy Island. Will they stay inside or go outdoors and search for natural features, like holes in hedgerows and tree trunks, or under rocks and stones? The possibilities are endless! The riddle tells the children to start at the ancient citadel. Over the next half term they will read about the settings in children’s fantasy novels for example – The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe by CS Lewis, The Shadow Forest by Matt Haig, Ignis by Gina Wilson.

30 Days Wild!

“This June, we challenge you to go wild! Can you do something wild every day throughout June? That’s 30 simple, fun and exciting Random Acts of Wildness.” The Wildlife Trust. Again this year we have taken up the challenge and are well into the first week of #30DaysWild. Staff and children are really getting involved and we are learning new things everyday! And here is what we’ve done each day so far and posted on Facebook and Twitter. We also got a mention in The Waitrose Weekend Magazine as part of The Wildlife Trust Media Campaign. For more Random Acts of Wildness why don’t you down load the App from here? In the meantime here’s some Random Acts of Wildness to keep you going from the App.

DDAT Sports Day 2017

Class 4 took part in the first DDAT Sports Day held at the Moorways Sports Stadium. They joined with 5 other academy schools from DDAT (William Gilbert,Walter Evans, Christchurch, Bishop Lonsdale and Turnditch). The Sports day gave our children a chance to showcase their sporting abilities, learn important lessons about competition and enjoy a happy, healthy dose of fresh air in the company of other schools. The weather was glorious and the facilities at the Stadium were a professional standard and worthy of our sporting children. The stadium boasts 8 lanes of 400m distance (with Floodlighting) High Jump arena 1x Shot put Fan throwing area 1x Discus Circles throwing cage 1x Hammer throwing

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