Let's get back to it!

So it’s all back to school…………. Thank you to everyone who took part and helped with The Forest Craft Fun Night Fundraiser. Over £240 was raised for school funds. The children had great fun, even though it poured it down with rain and everyone got soaked. After children finished all the Forest Craft activities it was time to eat under the Tarp shelters – on the menu was hot dogs, toasted marshmallows, hot chocolate and deep fried crispy bugs! The first week of this half term Class 4’s are going to a trip to Derby Museum and Art Gallery. There will be a parents’ evening this half term where you can meet and talk to your child’s class teacher and have a chat about how your child is doing. More

Online Safety for our Children

Each Half Term every child in Key Stage 1 & 2 at St Giles are taught about online safety. With half term approaching we are sharing a Blog with you that we wrote about online safety we posted earlier this year. The children of St Giles are extremely computer literate, some attending Code Club and learning how to write computer Code. All children use the internet, at school, for online learning and research for their Topics. We are very proud of their level of IT competency. We hope you enjoy this Blog and it would be great to hear about your online safety at home. Year 5 & 6 getting the latest Online Safety Training After School Code Club Members How could we live without our smartphones, la

Who is doing what in Year 6!

At St Giles School we pride ourselves on how our children conduct themselves as representatives of our wonderful school. As our Year 6 enter the final year of Primary School they are given more responsibility in line with our School vision - We will develop our children to be confident, responsible individuals with a strong core of Christian values. Each Year 6 pupil has been given a specific role and will be actively encouraged to develop, to their full potential and leave us as well-educated, confident, responsible individuals. Our Head Boy is Felix and our Head Girl is Lucy Our Deputy Head Boy is Jacob and our Deputy Head Girl is Caitlin They are responsible for representing the school at

Egyptian Mummification the Class 4 Way

Guest Written by Mrs Rogers Ever wanted to know how the Ancient Egyptians created mummies? Well the children of Class 4 did and so they have started a scientific experiment to discover the effects of salt on organic materials. Mrs Rogers brought to school a fish (Tutmose the Trout) and modelled the first stage of the process. Did you know that mummified fish have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs? First the guts were removed and the insides washed. Then Tutmose was weighed – this was recorded as 270g. Then the cavity was packed with a mixed of bicarbonate of soda and salt. This mixture was also packed around the outside of Tutmose so he was completely covered. Human bodies take appr

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