Reception Rocking It!

We are a few weeks away from the end of the first full term and what a busy term it has been. Our Reception Class have settled in extremely well and are now into the routine that is school life. They are progressing very well and are a lovely class of children. During the day in Reception When the bell goes the Reception Children stop what they are doing and sit on the carpet area. The day starts with the register. Then the line leader is chosen for the day – a very important job, this person stands at the front of the line when the children line up for the whole day, they write their name on the board so as everyone knows whose job it is for the day. Somebody else is then called to do the w

Telling Tribal Tales

Class 3 have stepped back over 5000 years! They have gathered and cooked Berries, lit a fire with flint, met Stig of the Dump and built their own monuments. The story of prehistoric Britain began when the first humans arrived in Britain. It ended when the Romans conquered the ancient Britons and Britain became part of the Roman Empire. The earliest humans were hunter-gatherers. They survived by hunting animals and finding food to eat. Then, very gradually people learned new skills. First they learned to herd animals and grow crops. Later they discovered the secrets of making bronze and iron. Prehistoric people couldn't read or write, but they were astonishing builders. Their tombs, forts and

Wise Wednesday Worship

The Value for this half term is Friendship. Father Mark joined us for Collective Worship on Wednesday and the assembly was called True Friends. Everyone was asked to think about what makes a good friend. But first the children did a little Quiz. The children were asked to answer the following way. Disagree, give you a thumbs down. Not sure, thumbs out horizontally. Agree, give you a thumbs up. The Children were asked if A good friend should be: kind strong generous good at listening good at playing football somebody who gives me a second chance All the children tended to agree. They knew that there were things that were important for friends to be and things that were less important. Mr

Open Day - let's Share our School!

St Giles School is holding an open day on Tuesday 14th November in the morning from 9.30-11.30am and the afternoon 1.30-3pm We are extremely proud of our school and want to showcase it. Every child deserves a wonderful education and we want to share it. ·Take a tour of the school ·Meet our amazing children ·See our Forest Craft area ·Visit our classrooms ·See our extra-curricular activities ·Enjoy refreshments with us ·Visit our EYFS outdoor learning area Here at St Giles we teach an inspiring Creative Curriculum which enables the children to Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. Our expectations are high and this has raised attainment greatly over the past two years. Our dedicated staff ar

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