Christmas, Celebrations, Christingle and Choirs!

The End of the Term is upon us and Christmas is days away and what a great few last days we’ve had at St Giles School. We had the Music Lesson end of term concert. The children are taught Susan Hooper - contact 01629 534413. Tuition is available during the school day for: descant and treble recorder, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone and piano. Well done to the children who took part. On Monday we had our Christmas Party. Time to let our hair down, have fun and eat party food. On the day we break up for Christmas we hold our glorious Christingle service at St Giles Church. Every child at St Giles has made a Christingle and we want to share the highlights of the service with you. What

Christmas Performance, Fundraising and Diary!

St Giles Primary School Presents........... The Infants did an amazing job with their Nativity Play. The story was one told by 2 parents to their children, while the drama of the nativity was played out to the audience. A very traditional tale of the birth of Christ. Well done to Mrs Angrave and Mrs Forster. The junior play was a festive treat set in a TV studio at a recording of a "top of the pops" type Christmas special. The countdown of songs told the story of the nativity and each song bared a close resemblance to many famous Christmas songs from the past. The biggest surprise of the whole evening was the amount of very talented children who sang up on the stage, solos and in small group

Infants, Elves and Memories!

Christmas is coming and nativity plays are being rehearsed alongside lessons and half term assessments. St Giles is busy anticipating Christmas and all the things that it brings. The Infant and Reception Classrooms are a magical place to be around Christmas time. With many tales about what the children’s elf on the shelf has been doing and the chaos the children have found when they get up each morning. Some elves are more disruptive than others with some really naughty behaviour. Here are 20 ideas for the mischievous elf on a shelf – click here for 100 ideas 1. Read a favourite book 2. Use masking tape to make a path or fun words 3. Play a favourite game 4. Play in the nativity set 5. Snowb

Popular Pyjama Party

Again this year, leading up to Christmas, at the end of the school day there was an absence of parents collecting their children. School had finished but the day wasn’t over for the children. The school day had come to a close but the fun wasn’t over just yet. Every half term we try to hold an out of school event for just the children. Last half term we held a Forest Craft Fun session and raised vital funds for the School. This half term with all of the other Fund Raising events happening around Christmas we decided to do something just for the children at no cost – The return of The Pyjama Party, by popular demand! The popcorn, popcorn cones, drinks and cups were donated by members of Staff

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