Thrills and Spills - Scream Machine

Class 4 have completed their Scream Machine Project with a challenge and some fairground food. The children were challenged to design and build a drop ride for 2 raw egg passengers, where the passengers had to remain intact. The design also had to include a pulley or gear system in order to fulfill the brief. After several construction afternoons, the time came to test the rides. It was fair to say that some were more successful than others! We then finished the term by making toffee apples and ice cream. If you'd like to have a try at our recipes you'll find here. Toffee apples – Serves 4 4 granny smith apples 200g caster sugar ½ tsp vinegar 2tsp golden syrup 50ml water Method: Place the

Science Week and Forest Craft

Class 1 and 2 got involved in marking British Science Week by carrying out investigations. The children in Class 1 were given a mystery object which was a foil wrapped piece of ice containing a play figure and they had to investigate the best methods to use to release it which ranged from putting it on the heater to banging it with hammers. They then investigated which material would make the best bridge for the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Class 2 investigated whether all balls bounce. They chose balls made from different materials and predicted which would bounce and which wouldn’t. They then dropped them from a height of 1 metre and observed whether they bounced or not. They conducted their i

World Book Day 2018

After a delay due to the snow, we finally celebrated World Book Day. Almost everyone dressed up as their favourite book character (including the teachers!), and the school was a riot of book related colour. In Class 3, many of us dressed up as our favourite book characters and there were a range of different costumes on show, including Ms Whithorn and Mr Cullington who both dressed up as spotty dalmatians from our class book 'One Hundred and One Dalmatians.' In the afternoon, the girls from Class 3 joined the infants and the boys from the infants joined the boys in Class 3 to spend some time reading some adventure books together. The boys started to read a Secret Seven book involving having

Clip and Climb

EYFS and KS1 have started the new topic ‘Bounce’ with a bang this week by visiting Clip n Climb in Derby. The topic is all about enjoying sport, discovering fun ways to be active and investigating how to be healthy. In spite of a snowy start to the day, we set off on the coach to Derby and arrived at Clip n Climb ready for our harnesses to be fitted and the safety briefing before entering the climbing arena. The children were wowed by the height of the interesting and colourful walls and couldn’t wait to get started! Climbing on a climbing wall was a new experience for many of our children and they all grew in confidence during our hour session in the climbing arena, trying to climb a bit hi

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