How's Your Maths?

How did you learn maths at school? This week we're focussing on the maths your children learn, the strategies and methods, and some tools they can use at home to help them make progress. This week in Maths, Class 3 have been doing a mixture of new concepts and recapping concepts we already knew. Year 4 extended their place value knowledge to five digits for the first time! Year 4 then went on to looking at negative numbers. Year 3 began some work on fractions after recapping our number facts to help us with adding and subtraction. As you can see from the photos, we have been working hard with a combination of working in small groups on the carpet and working hard at our tables with all chil

Class 4 Explore Little Bits

On Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th April 2018, Jon Doar came in to Class 4 to let us experiment with different electrical components called Little Bits. There were 4 colours and each one had a different job. The blue one connected to the power source and made it channel through into its fellow bricks. The pinks control the green outputs in many different ways; our task was to try and find out how and why. Jon is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) ambassador who has worked in lots of schools, especially in America. On the first day Jon came in and split us in to groups, he let us experiment before he set us a challenge with colour coded magnetic bricks. The challenge was t

Summer Term

We're back for another exciting few weeks at school with new topics. Classes 1, 2 and 3 have been busy investigating all things biological. On Monday afternoon, Class 1 and 2 went onto the school field for our first outdoor learning session of the term. We were all being detectives, armed with magnifying glasses and identification sheets. The reception children were searching for signs of spring whilst year 1 and 2 were identifying different kinds of trees by looking at their leaves or branches and checking against their identification sheets to name them. The reception children spotted bees, ladybirds, shoots, buds, blossom and some brightly coloured flowers and they heard birds singing. Y

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