DDAT Celebrations at the Crooked Spire

Wow! What an enjoyable time we had at the DDAT celebration. Year 3/4 had practised their songs for the last few weeks and we joined in with great gusto at the Crooked Spire. There was also a wonderful performance retelling the story of 'The Three Trees' and what they wanted to be when they grew up. We also brought along our hopes and dreams to add to the collection. All of us had great fun and Mr Cullington was very proud of us all. An excellent day! Watch the video to hear one of our favourites!

Pentecost Pause Day

This Sunday (20th May) is Pentecost Sunday, when the Christian church celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. Today the whole school has learned and explored the Christian festival of Pentecost. Lots of interesting and exciting activities took place and we’d like to share them with you. Class 1 & 2 We have explored how the story happened and is about the first Christians. We learned how the first Christians were at first very scared, but that fear turned to hope and confidence which allowed them to go out and share the message of Jesus with people of all nationals and in many different languages. We did this by sculpting one another into different positions: 1. Sculpt a s

Being Safe Online

The internet is a fantastic resource. Where would we be without it? But it is also a place where we can access inappropriate material, and social media and gaming gives opportunities for us to intereact not only with our friends but with people. This week we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe. we think this is so important that we'd like to share it with you. Class 3 spent some time thinking about how to keep safe online. It is astonishing to see how many children use the internet and play games online. Therefore, it is even more important to ensure that they know what to do if they come across a situation that they've never been in before. We looked at different scenarios and

Exploring Chatsworth

On Tuesday, our Class 2 and EYFS children visited Chatsworth as part of our Scented Garden topic. We were very glad of a sunny start to the day as we were going to be spending the whole day outside. We arrived and walked to the Stickyard where our ‘Chatsworth Explorers’ workshop started. First we learnt how to use a compass and we all practised being the parts of a compass before using real compasses to find different directions. We have been learning about Joseph Paxton who was the head gardener at Chatsworth from 1826 and was in charge of finding exotic and rare plants for the gardens so we followed in his footsteps and pretended that we were explorers searching for a large green leaf. We

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