End of Year

Another school year has come to an end with laughter and more than a few tears. The first of the farewell events was the annual production, which this year featured the long lost diary of William Shakespeare. Year 5 and Year 6 took to the stage to retell the some of the events in the life of the Bard, played brilliantly by Maria. There were lots of catchy songs and more than a few boys dressed as girls! Choreography was undertaken by some highly talented dancers, ensuring that the performance was truly memorable. This was followed by a presentation to Year 6, comprising of a group photo with the children sporting their Leavers' Hoodies, and an autograph book to collect those precious memo

Samba Concert & Sports Day

After 30 weeks of drumming tuition, Class 3 brought all thier skills together in a magnificent, if rather loud, drumming concert. There was a good turnout from parents who had come to watch, and Classes 1 and 4 joined in enthusiastically when asked. Well done Class 3. Friday brought our annual Sports Day. Everyone worked hard and took part in the stifling heat. The morning started with field events: javelin, standing long jump, target throwing and bouncy hopper relays. This was followed by running, skipping, bean bag races, the mum's race, the dad's race and the marathon. It was a very successful morning. Thank you to all the parents for coming tosupport your children, to the children f

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