Outdoor Adventures

It has been a very busy 8 weeks at St. Giles full of exciting learning projects and activities. We are blessed with incredible grounds and want to make the most of them. Here's a little of how we've been exploiting the natural landscape of the school this half term. In Classes 1 and 2 we started our 'Wriggle and Crawl' topic at the beginning of the year with a minibeast hunt in the infant playground. It was a damp afternoon so we found lots of minibeasts such as woodlice, slugs, worms, centipedes and millipedes hiding in dark damp places like underneath logs. We used magnifying glasses to get a better look and we talked about the habitats that the minibeasts were living in and why they mig

Adventures at White Hall

This week Class 4 went to White Hall Outdoor Education Centre. We stayed there from Monday through to Wednesday. The theme of our stay was “Working Together”. We were joined by another school named St Anne’s. On Monday before we left we were placed into groups. Each group had a different instructor, a different member of school staff and did activities at different times. The groups also ate lunch together. We were both in group B. Pete was our team leader and our member of staff was Nick. When we arrived we were told the rules then we were sent to our dorms to make our beds and unpack. Then we were brought down and we met our team leader. They took us on a tour of the house. Then team B wa

School Council Elections

Making our school an exciting, fun place to be is very important to us and we value the opinions of everyone when it comes to making decisions about how to do that. This week, we learned about how a democracy works and took part in elections, deciding who would represent each year group on the school council. In every class, the children who wanted to be part of the council explained why they wanted to take on this important role and what they might do to make changes which would benefit the whole school community. Each class then voted for the person who had put forward the strongest argument, and who they thought would do a good job. The votes were counted and the winners congratulated.

E-Safety: Staying on the Path

Last week we were joined by the children from Cromford Primary School for a theatre presentation and workshop by the Saltmine Theatre Company. They helped us to understand how to stay safe when we are online at scholl, and at home. Once there was a girl called Sarah, who was celebrating her 11th birthday. More than anything what she wanted was to be able to explore the woods near her house, but her mum always said 'no', that it wasn't safe. On the day of her birthday they went off into the woods for a picnic, and much to the delight of the little girl, her mother said that she was now old enough to explore the woods on her own. HOWEVER - there was a golden rule: she must NEVER stray off

Reception Take a Tour

The Reception children have been settling in to school life brilliantly at St Giles! The topic we have started the year with is called 'Do You Want to be Friends?'. To support their learning, the children have been discussing and exploring books in Literacy such as 'The Lion Who Wanted to Love' by Giles Andreas and, most recently, 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?' by Carol McCloud. The children have become bucket fillers by learning lots of ways to make other people feel happy and welcome. We decided to put this knowledge into practice! We went on a tour of our school and said hello to the adults who help us. Some of us even asked the adults questions about their jobs! We were amazed b

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