Bell Festival

This year St. Giles Church is holding a Bell Festival and we have decorated some bells to add to the collections that will be on display over the next few weeks. Class 1 and 2 Using circles of card and lots of sequins and glitter, the infants created and range of different sized bells by turning circles of card into cones, before being decorated. Class 3 Using clear acetate and glass paints, Class 3 created some beautiful stained glass window bells, which they hope will catch the light in the church. Class 4 Terracotta pots are wonderful, not just for putting plants in, but creating a myriad of other objects, and in this case it was bells. Using a range of bright colours and the obligatory

Christmas is a comin'!

It's that time of the year when the school is filled with Christmas songs and the preparations are beginning. In all classes the children have started to rehearse their annual Christmas plays. Class 1 are performing Prickly Hay. Prickly Hay is an exciting nativity musical with a fun hoedown flavour and more than a little 'yee haa!'. It is narrated by Sam, a hardworking stable boy, and features himself, his faithful friend Shrew and some very special visitors. Classes 3 and 4 are combining to tell of a dastedly crime commited at Christmas, and of how two hapless criminals try to steal the manger. Away with the Manger tells the hilarious story of two bungling burglars who are on the run wit

An Experience To Remember

What better way to kick off a new topic than to take part in learning activities that are really memorable? As our new term has started we have all been taking part in exciting activities to engage us with our new topics. Class 4's topic this term is called Blood Heart. The experience started with exploring what a real heart looked like. 15 lambs hearts arrived in school for the children to investigate. They looked at where the arteries and veins entered the heart and located the four chambers from the outside. Next the children dissected the heart exposing not on the interior of the chambers, but the heart strings and other tissues. Next the children attempted to recreate a heart using

We Will Remember Them

It has been 100 years since the end of the First World War, and like so many people, we have been commemorating the end of the war, and all those who died in conflict this week. The week started with the Head Boy, Head Girl and members of the school council selling poppies and other merchandise, contributing much needed funds to the Royal British Legion and their work supporting Forces families. Over the week children in all classes learned why Remembrance was so important and created an array of beautiful poppies which were used as part of an art installation on Friday afternoon. Before that, the children from Classes 3 and 4 walked up to the memorial at St. Giles Churchyard. We counted ho

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