This week class 3 have been thinking about chocolate. Hmmm... chocolate… *cough!* As Easter fast approaches, they have been thinking about the best way to keep chocolate cool and the best way to melt chocolate into a gooey mess! This got us asking some scientific questions which then led to an investigation of its own. The class decided to change the 3 temperatures of water they were going to use in their investigation: hot, warm and cold. They then they predicted which temperature would be the most efficient to melt the chocolate with. After this, in groups, they decided what variables they would need to keep the same and which one they were going to change to get their results. After a qui

Science Extravaganza

The infants were discovering about gravity and rockets! Mr Edward's had brought in a range of curious objects and the children were excited to take their science investigation outside! The children witnessed bottle rockets being launched in a variety of ways exploring the ideas of force and power. One method involved several of us getting rather soggy when a rocket was propelled into the air by water, air being pumped in and a fizzy sweet! The session ended with a Q and A session and we found out that our science day had inspired a number of the children to want to be scientists and engineers when they grow up. A big thank you to Mr Edward's for a brilliant afternoon!' Class 3 had an excitin

It's All Greek To Me

Wowza! What a week! On Thursday class 3 were transported to the glorious times of the Ancient Greeks! Surrounded by mountains and olive trees, the class entered their Greek temple to a day filled with fun and adventure. But first things first… the register; everyone in class wrote their name in Ancient Greek script so Mrs Ward new exactly who was here! After this class 3 came to sit around the temple's altar and discovered what was needed in order for our day to go off without a hitch: we needed to make an offering to the gods. Zeus had requested wine, so wine it was. Handmade (or should I say foot-made) by the children, the work was hard, the feet were sticky, but the wine was truly delicio

Monster Cafe

On Monday morning the children discovered a brightly coloured book in the classroom. On looking at the front cover we decided it was about a monster and must have something to do with sharks and spaghetti! On reading the title we were correct - it was called ‘Monster Max’s Shark Spaghetti’. Max (a monster) and his friends went on holiday and experienced a range of delicious(!) food such as ‘moth mash’, ‘shark spaghetti’, ‘dung beetle crisps’ and many more. This set their imaginations going and they enthusiastically thought of ‘delicious’ menus for their very own monster café. After lunch to their surprise the classroom had been transformed into a ‘Monster Café’. Relaxing music played as the

Our Living and Not So Living World.

Half way through the spring term and there is a real sense of exploring the living world this week. The infants have been out investigating the school grounds, whilst Class 4 have been investigating the similarities and differences between related animals. In science, the infants have been learning about how to decide whether something is 'alive,' 'has been alive' or 'has never been alive'. We decided to take our learning outside and sort the objects we saw into these categories. The children asked some amazing questions like: 'was soil once alive?' or 'is water living?' and 'are clouds or the wind alive?'. We had lots of discussion and referred to criteria such as, 'does it move, grow, e

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