Class 3 Potions

Class 3 have had an exciting start to their Summer term, with their creative curriculum topic, Potions and their science topic of Plants. The children were enamoured by a strange riddle that appeared in Mrs Ward’s lunch box, which led the class on a wild goose chase around the grounds. Solving riddles and finding clues, the children were soon led back to the classroom where a strange potion had appeared with the label, ‘Drink me!’ After a debate, we decided to see what happened to the potions over the next few weeks. In addition to this, we discovered we would be using the Novel, ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as inspiration for our writing this half term. Down the rabbit hole we go! The children us

New Term - New Topics

It's the summer term and a short one. This hasn't stopped us from hitting the ground running with some exciting and interesting new topics. The Infants new topic is called 'Are we there yet?' Today, we put our data collecting skills to the test and recorded the different types of car colours that went by our school. Black cars were by far the most common colour, whilst brown cars were not so common! Next week, we shall create graphs to display the information we have gathered in a clear way. Class 4 have taken off on a journey through portals to Alchemy Island. We've created our own portals using the natural materials around the grounds, then used the computers to digitally enhance them.

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