Final Week Farewells

The summer holidays have started and the sun is shining, but before this, there was a week of final events to celebrate the wonderful bunch of Year 6 children that have left us for pastures new. What an amazing group of talented individuals they are, and what a great contribution they have given to St. Giles in their time here. On Tuesday they, along with the Year 5s and some brilliant Year 3 & 4 children performed the hilariously funny 'Pirates of the Curry Bean'. Sailing away on an adventure full of piratical style, the children pulled out all the stops when acting and singing. There was lots of laughter and wonderful comments from parents, not only after the show, but in the following

Sporting Success

Last Thursday we held our annual Sports Day. What a wonderful day it was. We started with some field events: standing long jump, howler javelin, beanbag target throw and football dribbling. Each team had 10 minutes to school as many points as possible. After this we held some more traditional races: the sprint, skipping, beanbag/hoops, and for the first time a team relay for infants and juniors. The parents were very competitive, the Ladies race being won by Rose and Jeff's mum, and the Men's race by Michael Brett. The babies and toddlers also raced ably assisted by their older siblings. At lunchtime the children had a picnic lunch on the field and a wonderful visit from an ice cream van

A Festival Of Festivals

It has been a very hectic couple of weeks with children from across the school taking part in a range of sporting and musical festivals. Class 1 went dancing at Highfields, Class 4 travelled to Sheffield for a DDAT Sports festival which included street dance with Kelvin from Diversity, and football skills with Dan Magness, the world record holder at 'keepie-uppies'. In the relay, our girls team stormed home to a magnificent 1st place, 8-10 metres ahead of the nearest competition. This week everyone took part in a street music workshop led by Zee from Baby People; and the juniors went down to Hall Leys Park to see some incredible flag waving from a group who had travelled over from Italy.

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