Jammy Dodgers and Wriggly Worms

A few years ago a group of parents spent time improving the grounds, by constructing raised beds, a wildflower meadow and planting fruit trees. This year we have really benefited from this hard work. On Wednesday, After School Club picked lots of plums from the trees which were laden with fruit. On Friday, with Mrs Rogers and Mrs Whithorn, the children turned these delicious fruits into plum jam. The staff room was filled with the sweet, sticky aroma of boiling fruit. We placed a saucer in the freezer and regularly tested the setting point of the jam until we knew it would be ready to pour into the waiting jars. Just over 4 jars were filled with beautiful sticky plum jam. Thank you so m

An Unfolding Mystery

There was an unusual parcel discovered on Monday morning with an envelope addressed to the infants. We gathered together to read a letter which revealed it was written by Andy, from the show Andy's Dinosaur Adventures. We found out that he needed our help as he had left one of his special hats behind when on a dinosaur adventure. After shouting the magic words, 'Let's go on a dinosaur adventure!' we found out that our hall had been transformed to the time of the dinosaurs! We discovered a range of footprints, eggs and even bones, we even managed to find Andy's hat, phew! Later on, we looked in the special parcel and discovered a real dinosaur tooth and claw! What a start to our new topi


A new term has started with new learning projects and new faces in the classrooms. Our new Reception children in Class 1 had a smooth entry to school this week, with two half days and a full day on Friday. What a wonderful group of children they are. After a few initial worries, they have slotted in beautifully, and already it seems hard to believe they are only two full days into their school lives. Class 2 have discovered that they have an area of the bottom playground just for them and have already been making good use of it as part of their learning. We'd love to share their new project with you, but Mrs McManus has sworn us to secrecy as they have an exciting experience planned for Y

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