Jack's Beanstalk Challenge

The weather was not going to stop the Infant children embarking on their challenge that had been set by Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk this week! Earlier in the week, the Infants received a letter, some snacks and magic beans from a boy called Jack. In his letter, Jack told us that he was fantastic at escaping from giants who live in castles at the top of beanstalks. He said that he had noticed that our school is near a castle and he wondered whether we would be able to hide from giants. He was going to send us a map to follow. However, the teachers received an urgent call from Jack later in the week. He told the teachers how he had heard about the flooding in Matlock and therefore he

Year 2 Gymnastics

On Tuesday afternoon the year 2 children visited Highfields school for an exciting gymnastics session. We started off with an energetic game of traffic lights, which had the children running all around the gym anticipating which colour would be used for their next instruction. one of the colours was to travel using only our hands and feet! This was led by the very helpful sports leaders at Highfields, who taught the children how to use different parts of their bodies to travel around a space and even to do handstands! Whilst having fun and making friends with children from other schools, they were developing their balance and coordination through team building exercises such as, making lette

Innovate Challenges

At the end of each project the children are set a challenge in which they have to use their knowledge and apply it in a challenge. The children in Class 2 rounded off their Dinosaur topic by creating dinosaur sock puppets! There were some very inventive designs and innovative names. The children then created characters around their dinosaur sock puppets and engaged in role play with one another. Rather worryingly was many of the dinosaur sock puppets happened to have 'teachers' on their menu! In Class 4 the children were tasked with designing a new minibeast for a forthcoming Fantastic Beasts film. The creature could either be a friend for Newt Scamander, or a foe. However each creature

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