Our Curriculum Overview

Our Approach

We take the business of learning seriously at St Giles CE Primary School. We know we can succeed with the right attitude to learning, such as determination and not giving up. We expect to get it wrong sometimes, but we learn from our mistakes, give it another go and keep practising. Children are taught to make connections, to reflect and to analyse. We have high expectations and believe all children regardless of their starting point be given every opportunity to achieve their own potential. We aim to promote a life-long work ethic.


We believe the curriculum should be as exciting and as stimulating as possible but should also develop key knowledge that children need to know so that they can flourish in the future. We aim to promote a love of learning by making school fun and relevant whilst at the same time ensuring standards are high in order to prepare your children for the future.


At St Giles CE Primary School we are committed to ensuring the scope and ambition for the curriculum matches the requirements of the National Curriculum. It is designed to reflect the school vision and values and local context of the school, the needs of the children and takes account of evidence-based research on how children learn best. Our curriculum is designed to promote and foster confidence, independence, co-operation and self-esteem.

The National Curriculum serves as a framework for our curriculum delivery, which allows teachers to respond effectively to individual learning needs. Consequently, we provide teaching which is flexible, relevant and meaningful in order to prepare children for their future educational developments and enable them to take part as citizens in our society.


The children in Reception follow the Early Years Curriculum. This comprises the seven key areas of learning and development which are.

Three prime areas: Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical Development, Communication and Language

Four Specific Areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design

Key Stage 1 & 2

Children in years 1 to 6 follow the subjects of the National Curriculum: English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, Religious Education, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Art, Music and Physical Education. PSHE is also taught across school. Children in KS2 also learn French.

Curriculum Design

Our curriculum is designed to be knowledge rich and aims to support the children to know more, remember more. Key knowledge and vocabulary is revisited so that it becomes embedded in the long term memory through a carefully planned out curriculum map and the use of knowledge organisers. This is based on the principle that if nothing has changed in the long-term memory then nothing has been learned. However, teaching and learning approaches also aim to develop skills and values alongside knowledge organisers, ensuring that both are explicitly developed. The curriculum is designed to enable progress by teaching new information that relates to what is already known enriching and or transforming what is already known.

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