School Curriculum 

Phonics in EYFS and KS1

At St Giles CE Primary school we use Phonics Bug to teach phonics in EYFS and Year 1. This scheme uses a combination of online material and phonetically decodable reading books. Children are encouraged to practice phonics work by taking home flash cards to help them remember the phonemes they have learned. In year 2 children move from Phonics Bug to Read Write inc Spelling to develop their understanding of spelling patterns. Parents can speak to any of the EYFS or KS1 staff if they require any further information.

Reading Schemes

We use coloured book bands to grade a variety of reading schemes to provide children with a  diverse range of reading books and vocabulary. Phonics Bug, Bug Club, Oxford Reading Tree, Big Cat, Story World and Project X book schemes are all included in the colour bands. Once children have reached sufficient fluency, they may move onto free reading books, choosing from within their colour band in the library.

Our Curriculum Design

We designed our cross- curricular topic- based curriculum using Cornerstones Education in 2016. It is taught over a two year cycle and will be reviewed in July 2018. Within each cycle topics may be taught in any order to meet the needs of the class.



Curriculum Overview

These units of work may be taught in any order to meet the needs of the class

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