Speaking and listening skills are essential to literacy and involves more than an ability to talk and hear other people. It is about adapting language to suit the situation and linking your listening and speaking skills to be able to respond to others. Speaking and language skills for the basis of early literacy and continue to be a focus as children are encouraged to articulate their thoughts, ideas and opinions.

Reading is a vital skill for all children is closely linked to success in all areas of school as well as children's self-esteem, confidence and motivation. Being able to read well is the key to independent learning and so it is given priority by all staff. Learning to read is a complex process, but in simple terms we need to decode the words and also understand what we are reading. We want all children to become confident, fluent readers as quickly as possible, and experience a wide range of enjoyable texts.

Top Ten Tips For Parents to Support Children to Read

Little Wandle supports our children with early reading and writing skills and is used daily throughout reception and KS1. It is a complete systematic synthetic phonics programme developed for schools by schools. It meets all the requirements of the National Curriculum. Little Wandle can be accessed here.

The following links is designed to support parents when they read with their children at home. Videos show you exactly what your child is learning at school so as to confidently support their reading at home.

Little Wandle also supports children early writing. At St Giles children are given alot of opportunities to write, edit and improve their work. Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) is taught in all aspects of writing in context for the children to develop their technical understanding of writing.

Handwriting is an essential skill taught throughout school and getting the right habits established early on is key to future success.

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