Physical Development

Sport and physical activity is a vital part of a broad and balanced education. It can boost our ability to cope with challenges, build self-esteem and confidence and develop resilience. It benefits children in many ways and will set them up for a healthy and active future.

10 reasons to be active

1. Participation in sport can have a huge, positive impact on how you feel about yourself. The praise and encouragement you get from sports coaches and parents, helps to make you feel more confident.

2. Sport helps you to trust in your own abilities and push yourself to be better than you are.

3. Children who participate in sport work harder in the classroom. They are more determined and resilient when they find things difficult.

4. Children who take part in sport tend to have much higher expectations of themselves and others. They are much better at setting goal and targets so they can achieve more.

5. Physical activity is the most obvious benefit of sports participation. Sometime too much time is spent watching television or playing video games. Taking part in sporting activities provides an opportunity for exercise that can help keep you fit and healthy

6. Sports participation promotes health and wellness not only when you are young but for the rest of your life.

7. Children who participate in sports often know how to make healthy food choices.

8. Taking part in sporting activities is the best way to make new friends and get on with people.

9. Sport helps you to learn leadership skills, team-building skills and communication skills that will help you in school and in your future career.

10. Sport is fun!