Carsington Water Visit

The Infant topic for the term has been ‘What’s In The Garden?’ and we have been finding out all about plants and animals that live in gardens, our school grounds and other wild spaces.

On Friday, we had a visit to Carsington Water to find out about the animals and plants that live there. Marc, Becky and Emma who work for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust were our guides for the day and they helped us to explore.

During our plants workshop, we used spotter sheets to identify leaves from different wildflowers, we talked about how vital plants are for our survival and found out about food chains. We reinforced our knowledge about different parts of plants and the roles they play and even saw and identified some birds too.

We went pond dipping and found a surprising number of animals including water boatmen, sticklebacks, water beetles and bloodworms. It was really exciting to catch these creatures using nets and look closely at them using magnifying glasses. We also had a minibeast hunt and found a toad, a frog, a newt and many woodlice, worms and centipedes.

We had an absolutely wonderful time!

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