Happy Easter!

Updated: May 20

The whole celebrated Easter at St. Giles Church before we broke up for the holidays.

Father Mark welcomed everyone to the church and then a small group of Year 6 children led the rest of the service.

They asked how it felt when you opened your Easter egg, expecting to find something inside but discovering that it was empty - that it might feel more than a little bit disappointing. This then linked to the testimonies of two of Jesus' disciples discovering the empty tomb, and realising that Jesus was alive: Peter and Thomas.

But first Mrs Rogers carried out a magic trick. The children were asked whether they thought Mrs Rogers could get a boiled egg into a milk bottle without touching the egg. Some children believed and others didn't.

It mostly worked - quite a lot of the egg went into the bottle and Mrs rogers, didn't have to push it in. Some people only believed it after they had seen it, and this was just like the disciple Thomas; he refused to believe that Jesus was alive until he had seen him for himself and touched the wounds on his body.

Peter, on the other hand, was disappointed and worried when he saw the empty grave. But he found it was great news because Jesus wasn’t dead anymore. He was alive!

It was a lovely service, Father Mark closed in prayer and all the children were given a miniature chocolate egg, because as Isabelle said in the service, the news of Jesus returning to life should be celebrated, therefore we should eat more chocolate.

Thank you to Father Mark and to Mr Hickenbotham for playing, and well done to Roberta and Ava who played recorders during our first hymn.

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