Year 6 Pupils at St Giles School took part in Shakespeare week

What is Shakespeare week?

Coordinated by the Shakespeare birthplace trust, Shakespeare week introduces primary aged children to Shakespeare’s life, works and times in a fun and engaging way.

The Year 6 took part in a live broadcast about the life and times of the Bard. They watched scenes from his plays, had a tour of where he lived and asked questions about William Shakespeare via Twitter.

Jacky Swift, Teaching assistant said, “We thoroughly enjoyed the live broadcast and it was especially helpful as we had been studying Midsummer Night's Dream in literacy. It brought the whole thing to life for the children”.

Each child was given a Passport to Shakespeare which features activities from Shakespeare Birthplace Trust helping them to celebrate his creative and cultural legacy.

The children of St Giles School discovered that Shakespeare is still as relevant and inspiring today as he was 400 years ago.

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