Science Enrichment Day

May 23, 2016

 St Giles held a Science Enrichment day that was literally out of this world ! The Space Race.

In addition to teaching the National Curriculum St Giles School offers  Enrichment Days every half term which aim to develop children's life skills and broaden horizons. Simon Edwards, A STEM Ambassador (Science, Technology, Engineering. Mathematics) joined the children for the whole day and the topic was the Space Race.

Simon explained about the Space Race between the Soviet Union, USA, China and Europe and the timeline of Space Exploration, Space Programmes, the first man in Space, the Moon Landings and Space Stations!


Here Simon, with his son Teddy, demonstrates how satellites orbit the Earth.

While over in the Infants you could find Constellations and the entire Solar System. Lila from Year 2 said, "We were pumping rockets with water and put lots of air in, they zoomed up. It was awesome!"

We had three walking Solar systems, Lila, Mrs Angrave and Micheal.