Is this History or your Childhood?

Class 3 have been working their way through the Post War decades in Topic. Visiting and stopping at each decade. Quite possibly having a fab and groovy time!

The one area that caught the imagination of the children was making Platform shoes/boots. The finished products were amazing.

Felix in Year 4 said, "We've been doing about Platform shoes from the 70's. We made them out of old shoes and stuck pieces of paper underneath and padded them out with newspaper and papier mache and again with white paper, then painted black and white patterns and colourful flowers." Platform shoes were so far out it even made the News!

In Literacy the children have been reading Tyke Tiler by Gene Kemp. Mrs Grainger said," It's a gritty, reality narrative by Gene Kemp from Tamworth. It's based in an Inner City, somewhere in the Midlands. The children have enjoyed the dialogue and the characters. It has helped bring our Topic together." Both Lucy and Felix said they had enjoyed reading Tyke Tiler.

"Tyke Tiler is fond of a joke and of Danny Price. Their friendship lands Tyke in all kinds of trouble at Cricklepit Combined School. Matters come to a head when Tyke climbs the school's bell-tower and surprises everyone".

The children also drew a timeline which explored important historical events. Felix said, "We did a timeline. I thought the JFK incident was interesting because he was a normal president and helped black people to fit in and was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. It didn't make me happy but it was interesting."

However Mrs Grainger has resurrected the old argument of The Beatles verses the Rolling Stones in the lower juniors. Lucy said, "I liked learning about JKF and I really enjoyed reading Tyke Tiler and making Platform shoes and all the different music. The Beatles are my favourites". Whereas Georgia said, "I enjoyed learning about the music and my favourite was listening to The Rolling Stones."

What do you think?

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