Great St Giles Bake Off.

June 4, 2016


You may watch The Great British Bake Off but Year 6 took it a step further. Not only did they bake, they designed and made their own packaging, shopped for their ingredients, costed their Bakes, marketed their Bakes and then sold them.


As a post SATS project Year 6 completed the British Bake Off Challenge as a Business Enterprise exercise. Their end goal was to raise enough money so as they could buy a Green Screen to use in ICT and Code Club.

The children made a test batch, tasting, critiquing and familiarising themselves with the recipe and doing the washing up.


Some of the participants continued the work at home and did some more test baking. They also catered to different markets. One group made sure all their ingredients were Fair Trade ensuring all ingredients were ethically sourced. Another group made Dairy Free cookies, which was very simple to do without altering the quality or taste of their product. 
After the teams had finalised how they were going to decorate their cookies they then moved on to designing their packaging, all made from scratch. Then on to making marketing material and putting up posters around school.


While the teams were making packaging, one person from each group went shopping to buy the ingredients. The budget was £10 per group and it soon became apparent the groups were buying the same ingredients but wouldn't end up using everything. After this realisation the groups decided to share ingredients and pay each other the cost of shared ingredients. This cut cost considerably and took some maths skills to work out the new costs.