Mud, Mud glorious Mud Kitchens!

Our Mud kitchen offers a great opportunity to work alongside our outdoor learning and Forest Craft Philosophy for our early years setting. It gives our children a great sensory experience and the chance to find their own natural resources. It really is great fun!

Children love making amazing recipes from their own experiences and observations of cooking. A Mud kitchen provides a whole variety of different learning opportunities. The children connect with the great outdoors and are lost in role play, communication and creativity.

Leila, Sonny and Chloe W have been enjoying the mud kitchen and said, "We have a made a house for worms."

Chloe Wh was extremely busy and explained, "I have made chocolate cakes."

The children have blackboards for writing down their recipes and all the equipment they need to make their amazing creations. While the children spend time in the Mud Kitchen making mud pies we extend their learning and experiences by keeping the Mud Kitchen activities fresh and exciting. Mixing up mud and building Worm Homes was something that the children really enjoyed and they are still looking around the playground for a stray worm that may need re-homing.

Mrs Maltby explained, "The home for worms play has triggered some simple research about what worms need and other types of worm homes. We shall put what we have found out into practice this week by making a simple wormery."

A Mud Kitchen is a very simple concept for free play and they come in all shapes and sizes. They are easy to set up and if you've been inspired here are some great ideas to get you started 20 Mud Kitchen Ideas.

Next time you ask your child, "What have you done at school today?" and the reply is "Nothing", we hope this Mud Kitchen information has helped answer that question.

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