St Giles has gone Wild for 30 days!!!!!!!!!

St Giles School went WILD this June as part of the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild Challenge. As part of our commitment to Outdoor Learning we took up this challenge and joined in everyday (including weekends). Each day we posted on Twitter #30DaysWild #MyWildlife with that days Random Act of Nature.

Here is a compilation of our daily challenge posted on twitter for 30 Days. If you see anything of interest click on the link provided. With a few tiny adjustments we can all spend more time outside enjoying the great outdoors.

1. Making Simple Insect and Bee Hotels at home started the challenge.

2. Den Building with Year 6 using Tarp and Guy ropes. A taster session for Forest Craft.

3. Bikeability with the Upper Juniors. A whole day outside learning bike and road safety.

4. ICT with Year 2 using iPads to take photo's of our wonderful grounds and making an iPad collage.

5. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust took Year 2, 3 & 4 to High Tor to look at the Flora, Fauna and lots of insects.

6. Reception and Year 1 having story and rhymes outside in our willow dome.

7. Over the weekend a staff member barefoot walking - earthing themselves.

8. Mrs Rogers saw purple heron & kingfisher at Cromford Meadows while dog walking. This photograph is a stock photo for reference. But this post caused a lot of controversy on twitter by Twitchers.

9. Daisy dog walking in Farley Woods finding a den on a Sunday walk.

10. EYFS children making Worm homes and cup cakes in our Mud Kitchen.

11. Year 6 maths Measuring angles and calculating missing angles on the top playground.

12. This was found in the playground. A group of reception boys were daddy mice hiding baby mice from the Gruffalo.

13. Tomato plants given to us by an ex pupil's mum who is still supporting us. They were replanted by the Infants.

14. Saving a Bee who was in the path of the dinner queue. Safely repatriated with the great outdoors.

15. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust came to school to help us build Insect Hotel for #emptyclassroomday. We had early check in before rooms were ready.

16. Class 3 spent time with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust Building an Insect Hotel

17. Class 2 writing, rehearsing performing play-scripts outdoors in literacy.

18. A member of Staff creating outdoors in their garden and they found this fellow chilling in the candle light.

19. Year 6 boys learning about Cardinal direction, making Aerial Maps and playing Splitz all from the book I love my world.

20. "It's too nice to be inside!" Y6 literacy

21. A video showing a Year 5 & 6 Science Lesson. The transfer and loss of energy through the food chain.

22. Year 3 and 4 tending to their Vegetable Garden.

23. Tadpoles kept by our school pond. Tended to by the infants. Care of Frogs

24. Year 5 & 6 making Milk Bottle Planters & hanging them outside.

25. Checking in on our Insect Hotel. Well and truly inhabited now.

26. Reception and Year 1 building a raft. They found the long logs they needed in conservation area.

27. Collective worship outside with Years 2,3 and 4

28. Year 6 Filming outside broadcast for leavers VLOG. Come rain or shine.

29. Checking up on our Hedgehog Homes and looking at the Dens the Year 6 built.

30. Reviving a Bee found motionless, by a member of staff, with sugar water.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our 30 Days Wild with The Derbyshire WIldlife Trust and The WIldlife Trust.`We will continue our Outdoor Learning and #StayWild.

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