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Our Year 6 have now moved on from St Giles leaving us with many memories. It’s been a busy year and they have all contributed their thoughts about what they enjoyed in Year 6 with a few memories of their early days at St Giles School thrown in for good measure.

Our end of year festivities began when Mrs Brett came in to take a group photo of the Year 6 as part of their leavers’ present.

Following this we had the Leavers’ Presentation Evening. Class 4 performed A Midsummers Night Dream. After lots of hard work in rehearsals it was alright on the night.

After the performance our Chair of Governors, John Higgs, presented each Year 6 child with a framed year group photo, an autograph book and a dictionary kindly given to them by the Rotary Club.

In the spirit of leaving primary school Mrs Forster and Mrs Rogers held a good old fashioned ‘pirates’ tea party for Year 6 with a wonderful cake. Everyone had time to reflect and appreciate childish things before moving on.

The last day of term arrived with the obligatory shirt signing. Messages were left in their autograph books and the whole school attended the church service at St Giles Church. Then Year 6 took over the last afternoon and entertainingly performed to the rest of the school. Emotions then kicked in with the realisation that this really was it. Collecting their thoughts and emotions the Year 6 left St Giles School for the final time being clapped out by children, staff, parents and relatives.

As a lively year group we thought we’d allow them to have the final word. So here are the thoughts from Year 6 about what they enjoyed about being a Year 6 and some memories from further back.


I have been here for 6 weeks I have enjoyed it a lot. I made a lot of friends on the first day. I am excited for next year because I will have more friends in my form.


I am looking forward to having new friends and better equipment.

I enjoyed playing in year 1 and year 2 I remember being scared for year 2.

I really enjoyed the school trip to London.


This year I’ve enjoyed having a lot more responsibility in year 6, these include: team captain badges, being head boy and girl, also having an influence on younger children. I’m also looking forward to September as I will be going to Highfields. However, this means that I will miss many people that are going to either Anthony Gel or Lady Manners.


I enjoyed ICT, P.E, numeracy and science in year 6 and year 5.

My favourite is ICT because I’m a computer geek.

I’m looking forward to more ICT.


My favourite memory from St Giles was in reception when me and my best friend Martha picked elderflower from the tree, in the infant playground, and tried (but failed) to make elderflower cordial. We took a bucket from the sandpit, it had muddy water and sand in it, we poured some more water and the elderflower into it. We asked our teacher (Mrs Turner) if we could leave it over-night. Surprisingly, she said yes so the next day we sieved out the elderflower and asked if we could drink it, she said no. I am looking forward to secondary school and meeting the new teachers and making new friends. I have enjoyed P.E most because we have learnt new sports and being competitive.


This year I have really enjoyed lots of things. One of these things was the Vikings topic. In this we built long boats, learnt about navigation and Gods.

Also, I enjoyed swimming, especially when we did how many lengths we could do as a group. We did under water obstacle courses, furthest under water swimmer (Will was the best) and lifesaving.

My school life at St Giles has been brilliant, and I am sure others would agree. This is because as a small school we have a strong community feel, allowing everyone to know us. All the staff are incredibly supportive. I would recommend this.


I will really miss St Giles because the special days are great for example the science days and school trips sometimes my mum comes on trips too because she runs a Brownie pack and is qualified to do it.


What I’ve enjoyed of St Giles was the time where we went to Whitehall and did all those activities like climbing on the walls. When I go up to Highfields I will like the selection of food because there will be more to choose from. I’ve also enjoyed all the sports days that we have had and I’ve enjoyed all the science lessons as well.


My favourite memory at St Giles School was when I first met Lillie she was the first person I ever spoke to, also I enjoyed meeting Katy S, she came in year 5 and I came in year 3. I’m going to be sad because I have to leave Mia, Will, Amelia, Tamlyn and the rest of the year 6’s. I’m also looking forward to making new friends at Anthony Gell School.


I have been here for only 1 year but I enjoy coming to St Giles School Matlock I enjoy playing football with the other guys. In school I enjoy doing special things like the biscuits project, making and selling them. I like outside learning, my favourite lesson is music.


In year 6 I have enjoyed having responsibilities like being team captain doing the chairs and counters. At Lady Manners I am looking forward to science, art, DT and all the different sports. I am also looking forward to making new friends. I am going to miss all of my friends that are going to Anthony Gell and Highfields.


In year 6 I have enjoyed things such as: P.E with Dave; I.C.T and being top of the school.

I have enjoyed being sports ambassador and having privileges such as going to Highfields and helping out in P.E. Next year I am looking forward to being in a bigger school and being able to make more friends. I am also looking forward to sport at Lady Manners.


This year I have enjoyed doing P.E and I.C.T with Dave and Mrs Swift (even though I am not a very athletic person!) I have also very much enjoyed spending time with my friends before going to different secondary schools. I am looking forward to science at my upper school, and also maths. I will miss my friends very much, as I’ve met some of my best friends in year 6, and in my opinion- it has been one of the best years in school.

Katy B

This year I have really enjoyed P.E and learning to do Pace Ball; this is a new active game which I have really enjoyed. I have also really had a great time with all my friends- I have met Tamlyn who is one of my new best friends. Maths has been my favourite subject this year and I really think I’ve improved.

Next year at Lady Manners, I am really looking forward to doing all the different clubs and having different teachers. I’ve already met my form and they are very nice but I’m a little scared about doing languages!!


What have I enjoyed about year 6?

This year I’ve had a massive responsibility of being an y6 bronze sports ambassador it’s been amazing and I don’t want to leave it. The other two responsibilities were being a peer mentor and also a red team captain. After all this I’m looking forward to being a year seven and making new achievements. I’m also looking forward to the sport at my new secondary school. I will miss all my friends Katy S and Martha also Ali and Eden and the rest of the year sixes.I will miss St Giles.


I have enjoyed St Giles because we have got the creativity of writing, learning about old mathematicians and having many responsibilities. My favourite bit about school at St Giles is meeting my best friend Martha. She’s been my best friend since Y1 and we have always been together. I am looking forward to being in a bigger school and exploring through the different ways of school like I have enjoyed St Giles and the fact I’m leaving after 7 years is amazing. (Abigails' video would just not upload)

Katy S

I moved to St Giles in year five so I don’t have as many memories as other people but I still have loads; her are some of my favourites and some things I’m looking forward to: I remember last summer me, Lillie and Jack played in the dens on the field and played funny games. I loved playing the games! I also remember the talent show, me and Katy B, also our amazing background dancers Jack W and Joe, we did a dance and took a lot of time working on it. The song was Sax by Fleur East mixed with Bills by Lunchmoney Lewis. I’m excited for next year because I can have a bigger group of friends, but I’m also sad to move because I have to leave Lillie Booth, Mia Rogers, Katy Bunting, and Jazmin Nessling, and Will Lane, Martha Buckle and the rest of the year 6s. I also love the responsibility we are given in year 6.


Unfortunately Dan didn't manage to get round to writing something down. He is awesome at ICT and some of the grown ups went to him for help in Year 6 to get jobs done. Dan is also great with the younger children and if you need any assistance with something he was the go person as he is always ready to help.

Emma has written a year by year account of her time at St Giles School

Reception and Year 1

In Reception and Year 1 I remember watching ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ and Mrs Forster reading it to us. In reception Mrs Turner and Mrs Swift taught us; they gave us golden time this was when they gave you a smiley face with a bit of Velcro attached to the back and the other bit of Velcro would be on a box and you could play with that for an afternoon. I also remember being annoying by sitting right at the front next to the teacher and looking at what they were doing. In Reception I really liked making lanterns out of paper with Mrs Turner and making a massive ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ map and using the bee bots to programme them around it.

Year 2

I think that Year 2 was one of the best years for me - however I was really worried about it, but after the first few weeks it was turned out to be one of the best years for me- as we were the first year group to have a new classroom and toilets in the room as well, and we thought that we were really privileged. Mrs Forster and Mr Pilkington taught us and every Friday Mrs Forster got us biscuits and cool things and told us really awesome stuff.

Year 3

In Year 3 Mrs Turner – who is my favourite teacher- taught us and we had an amazing year, she gave us an extra playtime in the afternoon and played pack-man. She made homework really cool as in each term she would give us a sheet of paper and put a number of tasks to do and each task would be worth a number of points and whoever gets the most points wins a prize. She also had a really cool reward system, every time you a point you got a square piece of card with part of a picture on it, and when all the pieces were on it we got to do what the picture was for the afternoon. The Christmas play we did was the best play ever as it was based on bugs and insects and the costumes were amazing!

Year 4

In Year 4 we had a new teacher called Mr Blackmore and he was one of the funniest teachers who had ever taught me. Year four was the year that the juniors went on a trip to London for the day, on that trip we went on the London Eye -which was really cool.

Mr Blackmore had a really cool way of making us quiet, as he had a frog and he scraped the wooden stick and we would all be quiet. He also sometimes let us have extra playtimes in the afternoon, which was really fun.

Year 5

In year 5 Mrs Rogers taught me. That year the year 5s and year 6s went on a residential trip for 3 days, to Whitehall. While we were there we did loads of fun activities like: stream scrambling; rock scrambling; climbing; zip wiring and adventure courses. It was really fun.

Year 6

In year 6 Mrs Rogers still taught me and as a treat after SATs we got to do a biscuit project. We had a £10 budget to spend on ingredients and decorations and we baked the biscuits to sell to the whole

school. The money that was left over and what each team had raised went towards a green screen. In year 6 Tamlyn came into our year and she is now one of my best friends that I will go up to Highfields with.

I have loved being at this school and would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in coming whether they join in early years or year 6.

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