Becoming a Year 6!

August 13, 2016


The holidays aren’t over but before Year 5 finished for the summer thoughts turned to becoming a Year 6. This blog has been turned over to them and some of their thoughts about what has passed and what will the future hold as a Year 6?




Hi my name is Anya Rose Peach, and I have been at St Giles for 6 years now and I’m in year 5 now, but after the six week holidays I will be in year 6. I can’t wait until year 6 because I would like to know who head boy is and who head girl is, and the sports ambassadors. Personally I think Lucy and Rocco, but it might be Joe instead.

I am friends with Lucy, Maisy, Emily, Lydia and Kieran. We go around in a group but Kieran just plays football, Lacrosse, hockey or skipping. When we go to White Hall I will be really happy.







Jack C

Hi my name is Jack, I have had tons of fun and it was cool. When I am in year 6 it will be really good as we are going to a place called White Hall. I do hope I am sport ambassador because then I can do more activities. One of my memories of year 5 is ‘South Peak Sports’ even though we did not win.












Hi my name is Joe, this year I have enjoyed P.E especially pace ball. I am going to enjoy being one of the oldest kids in the school, I really would like to be a sports ambassador, to illustrate what a great school we are. Also, I have enjoyed representing my school in sports events.