Becoming a Year 6!

The holidays aren’t over but before Year 5 finished for the summer thoughts turned to becoming a Year 6. This blog has been turned over to them and some of their thoughts about what has passed and what will the future hold as a Year 6?


Hi my name is Anya Rose Peach, and I have been at St Giles for 6 years now and I’m in year 5 now, but after the six week holidays I will be in year 6. I can’t wait until year 6 because I would like to know who head boy is and who head girl is, and the sports ambassadors. Personally I think Lucy and Rocco, but it might be Joe instead.

I am friends with Lucy, Maisy, Emily, Lydia and Kieran. We go around in a group but Kieran just plays football, Lacrosse, hockey or skipping. When we go to White Hall I will be really happy.

Jack C

Hi my name is Jack, I have had tons of fun and it was cool. When I am in year 6 it will be really good as we are going to a place called White Hall. I do hope I am sport ambassador because then I can do more activities. One of my memories of year 5 is ‘South Peak Sports’ even though we did not win.


Hi my name is Joe, this year I have enjoyed P.E especially pace ball. I am going to enjoy being one of the oldest kids in the school, I really would like to be a sports ambassador, to illustrate what a great school we are. Also, I have enjoyed representing my school in sports events.


Hi my name is Maisy and I am in year 5. I’ve loved year 5 because we have written stories and poems with Mrs Grainger. In P.E we have done a lot of different sports such as football, cricket, athletics and much more. I am excited about going into year 6 because we will have much harder work and we will have more responsibility. I hope we do art and P.E in year 6 because there my favourite subjects. I love our P.E teacher because he’s fun and supportive when you’re behind everyone else. I’ve loved being with my friends such as Nicole, Rocco and Emily.


In year 5 I have enjoyed P.E lessons and being with all my friends such as, Maisy, Rocco, Lucy and Emily. In year 6 I’m looking forward to SATs because in a test we did not long ago I got 12/12 which I am really happy about.

One of my memories from school is when it was a swimming lesson and I jumped in the deep end for the very first time.

In year 6 I’m looking forward to being the oldest person in the school. I’m also looking forward to finding out who is head girl, I’m also very excited for when we get leavers hoodies.


In year 5 I have really enjoyed going to the sports events they are really fun. In year 6 I’m looking forward to SATs it will be really also I’m looking forward after SATs because you get to do loads of fun games like table tennis. I really like table tennis, I’m really good at it will be so good in year 6.

In year 6 I really want to be head boy or sports ambassador, but I will be the oldest boy in the school it will be really fun. We get to do loads of cool things like bake cookies and sell them to the rest of the school.


Hi my name is Kieran and I am in year 5. I’m going into year 6 soon and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve really enjoyed year 5; it’s been one of my favourite years because I got to be with a new teacher and she is very nice. I am also looking forward to not being the youngest in my class!


This year I have been in year 5 and my year has been different, we have had two teachers. P.E has been really fun with Dave. My favourite sport we have done this year is South Peak Sports; even though we didn’t win, we tried our hardest.

When I go into year 6 I really want to be sport ambassador and represent our school. Next year I will have Mrs Rogers as our full-time teacher, which will be different for me.


I’ve really enjoyed being in year 5 and has inspired me to keep pushing and always try to work hard. My friends I’ve had along the way have always kept me going; I’m glad they’ll all be joining me in year 6. I think since the start of the year my intelligence has developed and I’m getting higher scores in tests. What I’m really excited for in year 6 is being in a different classroom all day and maybe SATs.

Also, when I’m a year 6 I could be chosen for being head girl or sports ambassador! We get all the responsibility and will get a lot of people to rely on you! With the memories, my new skills and most important my friends to help me on the way and crawl my way up to top marks in year6!!! What a great school we are!


In year 5 I have enjoyed many things like maths and literacy because we have had a high expectation teacher, Mrs Grainger. In the afternoons we have gone in to Mrs Rogers’s classroom, next year we will have Mrs Rogers all day everyday – except weekends and holidays! Also, on Wednesday afternoons we have the blog maker and ICT teacher Mrs Swift who we do ICT with.

Next year I’m looking forward to becoming a year 6 because I will probably feel like an example to everyone in reception to year 5. There is also a bigger responsibility.

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