Back to School!

September 2, 2016


With just days to go until, new and old, start the new school year at St Giles School we have messages from our Head Teacher, Mrs Forster and our Class Teachers telling us what amazing things will be happening in the classroom. We certainly have lots of amazing things to look forward to and there is already a buzz about the Topics the children will be covering this half term.


A message from Mrs Forster 

September is an exciting time for everyone involved with St Giles Primary School. It’s always fun to find out what other people have been doing over the 6 weeks break, to meet new pupils and to learn new things – not just for pupils but teachers too. We have so many things to look forward to in the coming school year and I can’t wait to get started! I hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday and feels fully refreshed and energised; ready to tackle new topics, forest crafts and all those sports events Year Six decided we should enter. Roll on Tuesday September 6th I’ll be waiting to see you all at the school gate.



Class 1 Mrs Maltby


We are starting the new school year with the exciting theme of Dinosaur Planet.

Just a few of the activities that we shall be engaged in include: making a giant dinosaur, creating a dinosaur habitat, counting naming and classifying dinosaurs, comparing lengths and heights, examining fossils, sharing and re-telling dinosaur stories, designing and making dinosaur puppets, dinosaur dance and learning dinosaur songs and rhymes.



Year One and Year Two topic

Year One topic activities will extend and enhance the children’s learning in Science and Literacy through Computing, Art, Design Technology, PE, Dance, Music, Geography and History. A few of the activities include: examining, making rubbings of and sketching fossils, meeting Mary Anning, creating a dinosaur habitat, programming floor robots disguised as dinosaurs, learning dinosaur songs and rhymes, dinosaur dance and games.


Class 2 Mrs Angrave

Dinosaur Planet

Class 2 are going to be dinosaur detectives! We will learn the names of different dinosaurs and research all kinds of facts about them using non-fiction books and the internet. We will discuss how they might have moved, what they could have eaten, what they sounded like and what they looked like and we will sort and classify common reptiles and compare them to dinosaurs. We’ll find out about Mary Anning and the important discoveries of fossils she made in Lyme Regis. By the end of the topic, we’ll be dinosaur experts ready to present our findings to our families!