What did you do at school today?

Often when we ask our children, “What did you do at school today?” The reply can often be, “Nothing, can I have something to eat?” or a variation of that. As a parent a little more information would be appreciated.

Here you will see a day in the life of our Reception Children. This year’s Reception children have settled in so well; they are a wonderful group of children and we are very blessed to have some very thoughtful Year 6 children who have played with them at playtimes, making sure they are happy and busy.

The school day starts off with settling in and reading books or doing an activity with parents and carers before the bell goes for the grown-ups to leave and the register to be taken.

The children started with Phonics and then had the sound basket. They picked an instrument and said what they could hear and which letter that was.

A lot of time in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is spent outside. Here we have two amazing artists finger painting their letters and sounds.

Playtime comes around and Emily, Year 6, plays ring-a-ring-a-roses with the children until they decide to run off and play dinosaurs again.

Story time is always a good book and lots of discussion so there is a full understanding of what is being read.

While they continue to do lots of work (which when asked they say is playing) dinner time quickly approaches and they come together at The Dinosaur Den to see if they can recite a dinosaur poem before they go off to wash their hands and line up for dinner.

The children go into lunch and collect their dinners. They sit with the older children who help them if they need it.

When the weather is nice the children spend dinner time playing on the school field. There are lots of great activities for them to do and the Buddies make sure they are happy and included, leading games and involving all children.

This is the children’s first week of being at school full time and they have all managed really well.

Here you can see the children making Dinosaur fossils with clay.

Someone has made some Dinosaur poo out of clay too! Mrs Maltby had explained to the children how we can find a lot of information in poo, so it’s great to see how the children are using what they are learning in other areas.

Outside there was painting and we have a brilliant portrait of Mrs Haggett, she said she really liked her red shoes.

As the children work and learn displays around the class are put up. Here is a work in progress of a Dinosaur the whole class are making.

Afternoon Playtime comes around and then the whole school meets for Collective Worship.

Then it’s time to collect their belongings ready to go home or After School Club. For the adults to be told they didn’t do anything at school today. Now you know what really happens!

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