Class 3 Derby Open Centre Trip

Class 3 had a great day at The Derby Open Centre. They visited The Derby Jamia Mosque. Then onto The Guru Arjan Dev Gurdwara where they donated food, grown in their class garden, to give to the kitchen to cook for all the people that are fed daily in the Gurdwara. After that they were treated to food prepared in the Gurdwara kitchen. Finally they went back to The Derby Open Centre to take part in an Asian Marriage workshop (Hindu, Sikh and Muslim), where they dressed up, danced and Mehndi patterns were painted on their hands. One thing they learned was people from a different faith or cultural heritage have more similarities than differences.

What is the Derby Open Centre?

“Established in 1981, the Open Centre is a well-respected organisation based in Derby in the East Midlands. We exist to promote understanding between different communities by celebrating and raising awareness of their faith and cultural heritage. We promote good community relations between British citizens, no matter what their background or belief. As part of our activities we work closely with many different communities, faith organisations and places of worship as well as representatives of secular organisations; however the Open Centre is not a religiously based organisation and has no affiliation to any specific faith based groups.”

Here is what the children had to say about their trip.


The best part of the trip was eating curry at the Gurdwara. The Mosque and Gurdwara were different – it’s not like the church I go to, it didn’t have pews. The man in the Gurdwara told us they all wear little swords and belts. The man told us about Sikh pants, they even wear them in the shower and they can never not have any clothes on.


It was brilliant because in the Gurdwara they had really nice curry and flat bread because they think it’s good to share. We dressed up and the boys wore long jackets. I liked the clothes they looked very good.


I liked going because we got to wear different clothes and had henna on our hands. I liked the clothes they were all very different and we got to choose what to wear. I chose a skirt with a red head dress.

Click here to watch a video of a Sikh Wedding


We learned how many times a day people pray in the mosque. We also learned Sikhs wear 5 special things, a dagger, big shorts, all men wear turbans, they wear a ring around their wrists that is never ending to show nothing begins and nothing ends.

Muslim Call to Prayer The 5 Ks, symbols of Sikh ideals


I like that we got to try some food it was a bit spicy. I liked their style of Gurdwara.


It was good. We got to try different clothes on. We got to try spicy curry.

Anyone who enters a Gurdwara is offered a blessing of food called "Karhah Prashad." This gesture symbolizes the equality of humanity. Tour the Kitchen of India's Golden Temple

Here the children donate the food they have grown to the Gurdwara for the Gurdwara kitchen.

Lila Maisy

Fantastic! It was awesome, you got to have food and try drinks

The children enjoyed their school trip and Mrs Grainger said, “It gave the children first-hand experience of different faiths and allowed them to be absorbed by the culture. They saw ordinary family lives that were not so far removed from them and we were very well looked after.” And the children have something to say to everyone that made their day so fantastic at The Derby Open Centre.


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