White Hall Residential Trip Class 4

October 16, 2016


Class 4’s Residential Trip was a resounding success. The energy and excitement from the children was palpable on their return.

They were certainly kept busy and pushed many personal barriers. Activities included Stream Scrambling, walking up stream through a rat tunnel, crawling through gaps, sliding down a water slide, up and under logs, checking to see who was a witch in the Witches’ pool, (anyone who floated was a witch). They also camouflaged themselves to hide from pygmies and stood under a waterfall.  They braved a zip wire and completed an assault course, climbing up a 6 metre pole and jumping off it onto a trapeze. They took part in canoeing and had to lie between two canoes and blow bubbles in the water. They went bouldering and climbing. And they went to bed late! We’ll let some of Class 4 tell you all about it.