White Hall Residential Trip Class 4

Class 4’s Residential Trip was a resounding success. The energy and excitement from the children was palpable on their return.

They were certainly kept busy and pushed many personal barriers. Activities included Stream Scrambling, walking up stream through a rat tunnel, crawling through gaps, sliding down a water slide, up and under logs, checking to see who was a witch in the Witches’ pool, (anyone who floated was a witch). They also camouflaged themselves to hide from pygmies and stood under a waterfall. They braved a zip wire and completed an assault course, climbing up a 6 metre pole and jumping off it onto a trapeze. They took part in canoeing and had to lie between two canoes and blow bubbles in the water. They went bouldering and climbing. And they went to bed late! We’ll let some of Class 4 tell you all about it.


On Monday 10th October, we went on residential trip to White Hall. It is a really fun place where you can learn to be independent and overcome your fears.

The old Victorian like house, was bigger inside than on the outside. Arriving there, we had a decision of whether we wanted to play football or play our own game. Outside, Mrs Rogers then told us that we were going to have a meeting about what we were doing.

When we had finished the meeting, we went upstairs to unpack, the year 6 girls had a dorm called Birchens and the year 5 girls had Raventour.

After we had finished unpacking we had to go to the store room to get waterproofs which we kept for the three days and gave back on the last day. When we had our waterproofs, we got our wellies and put them on.

Noisily, we boarded the minibus in our waterproofs and wellies, ready to set off for stream scrambling. Climbing up the steep hill, we made it to the top all in one piece. At the top lots of people ran down the hill, then we realised that we weren’t supposed to do that, and we were supposed to go down the adventurous way. At the adventurous way there were logs and stuff poking out. A few hours felt like minutes as we pushed and shove down the ice cold stream. About ten minutes down the stream, we came to the rat tunnel. Along the stream there were many logs and rocks that we had to climb over and slide under also along the stream were a slide or two, a witches’ pool which everyone except Caitilin floated in. At the end of the waterfall, Leon our instructor made the waterfall rush down on us.

When we arrived back at Whitehall, we jumped straight in the showers. The showers were really nice and warm, after being in the cold stream.

After the showers we had a bit of free time were we got to do what we wanted for about half an hour. We then had dinner.

After dinner, Tom told us what we needed to take on the night hike. We needed a torch, hiking boots, waterproofs and woolly socks. We then waited outside, for Tom to take us in the minibus to a place where we walked back to White Hall. On the night hike Tom met us in various places where he told us where to go next. Also on the night hike we sang so that Mrs Rogers knew everyone was there.

When we got back from the hike we had supper (hot chocolate and biscuit) and went to bed.

The next morning we had breakfast. For breakfast we had: cereal, bacon and spaghetti hoops.

Next Jo who was on duty told, us what we would need for our next activity. After getting what we needed we were told to put our outdoor shoes on.

We then did the ropes course, leap of faith and zip wire. We did the zip wire first and group D did the ropes course and the leap of faith. I was quite scared on the zip wire because it was really high so was Caitilin, because the ladder was really wobbly. Then we did the ropes course and the leap of faith. First we did the ropes course, it was really fun and Nicole fell off things a lot of times. Also on the ropes course we had a variety of activities to do. Then it was time for the EPIC leap of faith. We both made the leap of faith but it was very safe if we didn’t do it.

Next we did canoeing and it made everyone’s hands hurt .Nicole fell out the boat and couldn’t get back in so Mrs Rogers gave her a wedgie by grabbing her waterproof trousers and dragging her out.


Our Instructor was called Phil.

Day 1

Firstly, on Day 1 we had a meeting with all of the instructors and then had some lunch with our School, Rowsley School and Darley Church Town School. Later on, a lady called Jenny showed us to our dorm. Our dorm was called Birchens and we were with Maisy, Nicole, Anya and Emily. Amazingly, our bedroom was really stripy and light blue with loads of room to mess about in. Working hard, we worked together to put on all of the sheets and covers in order to make our beds really comfortable and tidy. After sorting out our room we had to unpack all of our belongings and snacks.

After we were done, we rushed downstairs to meet our instructor Phil. Phil had a talk with us about all the awesome things that we would do while being at White Hall and all the equipment we had to use. Then, we followed Phil to the climbing wall area and had a look inside and saw all types of shapes and sizes of each and every climbing hole that we used to climb up to the top. After playing a really cool game of “see how far you can get across the wall” we went to put some climbing kit on. Despite being very irritating, we still had to climb with them for another 2 long hours but at least they kept us safe from our injuries.

For Dinner we had Sausage and Potato Pie and it gave us an explosion of taste.

In the evening, we went on a long Night Walk in the pitch black darkness. Nick wouldn’t let us have our torches therefore it was SO dark which was torture. A couple of people got REALLY scared because they were scared of the dark and others got REALLY tired however in the end we all made it and had a nice hot mug of delicious Hot Chocolate.

By Lydia and Lucy N

White Hall 2016

At 10:30 we set off for White Hall, with excitement and laughter. On the way to White Hall we picked up Darley Church Town, who were a pleasure to meet. As soon as we got to White Hall we unpacked our coach.

When we went into White Hall we went to eat our packed lunches, we had brought these from home. Afterwards, we had a meeting about the basic rules and we met our instructors – Phil and Jenny. Out of breath we dragged our luggage up the wooden stairs. Jenny and Phil showed us up to our dorms and we settled in unpacking and making up our beds our dorms we called Raventor and Burchants.

The first activity was the climbing wall, which we thought was really fun to do. There was a red line which showed how high you could climb without any harnesses on, we did a red line challenge to see if we could get past the red line, Georgia, Lucy N, Lydia, Kieran, Ella, Jack, Milly, Emily and Kizzy had a go at it. We also used harnesses we all tried our best to complete the task. Also we played a game with captain says (like Simon says.)

After we had finished the activity we went back up to our dorms to finish making our beds and unpacking, after we got free time. In free time we got to do whatever we wanted to do, such as playing pool, table-tennis and a football table or you could talk outside your room.

At half five we went down for dinner with Darley Churchtown and Rowsley. We had sausage and bean pie, for pudding we had lemon meringue. When dinner was finished we went to tidy our room because the year 5 room was a mess whilst the year 6’s went to look around White Hall and had fun in our dorm.

For the evening activity we set out on a night hike, Georgia wasn’t very keen because she was scared of the dark and that Emily was going to make her jump. We were out for hours and everyone was shattered after. When we finally finished we got our pj’s on and went down for some nice hot chocolate and a biscuit.

We didn’t get much sleep. Lydia fell of her bed and everyone kept talking.

The next day we had cereal, toast, bacon and spaghetti hoops for breakfast. It was very delicious.

We set straight off onto our activity with Phil which was ropes course, zip wire and the leap of faith. The ropes course was every challenging and it required concentration and balance. Next we moved onto the leap of faith everyone had a go except Emily. As soon as that finished everyone rushed to the zip wire. We enjoyed it the only bad point is it was freezing.

Next we went for our lunch which we needed desperately, there were ham sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, pasta, fruit and banana cake. Not many people liked the cake. But we were filled up anyway.

Then we had to get ready for canoeing we had to get a hat, our waterproof kit and wet shoes to wear. When we set off we rushed to get into the boats, after a while our arms started to ache. We played a game with the other group (Group C) and had fun. Nicole fell in once, Kieran fell in twice and at the end everyone who wanted to jump in. Mrs Murfin dropped the camera in the water and we aren’t sure where it went so there’s not as many pictures of our group (Group D)

Everyone was rushing to the shower when we finished.

Emily and Georgia

WHITEHALL TRIP 2016!!!!!!!!

Engines rumbled as the coach made its way up to White Hall. Screeeeech…. the coach pulled up on the drive of White Hall, we all got off. “Right then, get your suitcases off the bus. No pushing.” Mrs Rogers said. Inside we put our bags at the back of the meeting room and sat ready to listen to the instructions. Carefully, we pulled and pushed our suitcases up the stairs to our bedrooms.


Stepping onto the mini-bus, decked out in our waterproofs and wellies, we drove down to a stream near a large reservoir. This was for our first activity, which was stream scrambling.

A few minutes later we found ourselves knees deep in the stream when Leon announced that we had to crawl under a colossal log, resulting in us getting soaking wet. ‘Could this day get any better?’ we all wondered.

Like a group of dinosaurs, we stalked up the stream and soon arrived at the Witches’ Pool. Would we sink and be innocent, or float and be classified as a witch? Only Anya and Caitlin sank, the rest of us unfortunately became doomed to be burned at the stake as witches, as we all floated. Further up was a water slide that plunged us into freezing cold water, Rocco slipped and fell on his bottom. We went in a tunnel, which was called Rat Tunnel, Rocco thought it was infested with rats.

Anya and Maisy

All the photographs taken at White Hall will be available on a disc for all the children of Class 4.

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