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As a Church of England Primary School and member of DDAT we have been asked to help with Bishop Alastair’s Harvest Appeal 2016.

This year the Appeal is in aid of the Ray of Hope project led by the Cathedral Relief Service Kolkata.

Kolkata has one of India's largest slums with over a third of the population living in poverty. All family members have to work with women and children bearing the burden of this.

PHOTO The Cathedral Relief Service is establishing 'Nari Dana' a new dressmaking training programme for women, and resourcing an education programme 'Ray of Hope' for children, to allow them to avoid exploitative work, such as prostitution and sweatshops.

We have been asked to raise £200 and have taken up the challenge.

Can you help kick start our Challenge? We need your help! We are asking if our parents and friends will help with this one and get involved. You can help by volunteering to take a charity money collection tin and start collecting money for The Bishop of Derby 2016 Harvest Appeal in Aid of Women and Children in Kolkata, India. All the information you need will be on the collection tin. You could take it to work or place in your business etc to help kick start this challenge. If you can, please let us know and we’ll get one ready for you next week to help us with the Challenge.

This is just the start of our challenge, we will also be setting up a Just Giving Page and the children of St Giles will be making Indian Sweets and having a sweet sale.

We have already put out a request for people to offer to take a collection tin on our Facebook Page

For a sneaky peek at our Facebook page have a look at our Facebook Video.

We’re also asking on Twitter @stgilesce

Here is what we’ve been up to on Twitter recently if you haven’t looked yet.

While we’re on the subject of Social Media have you checked out the school website recently? It has been updated and there are some fantastic new photographs on the Class pages and main home page.

It also works very well on mobile phones too.

If you would like to take a Charity Collection Tin just pop into the office and Mrs Bednall will supply you with one.

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