Learning Walk - Look at what we've been doing!

With Christmas fast approaching we are taking you on a Learning Walk to look at all our hard work over this half term. We have had many memorable experiences this half term in our lessons and want to show you a small snapshot of some of our amazing work.

Class 1 & 2 Bright Light, big city

We had tea with the Queen. We know the capital of England is London and took a virtual Tour of Buckingham Palace. We stepped back in time to discover what happened in The Great Fire of London, built bridges, baked bread and burnt different materials to see why London burnt down so quickly.

Did you know that the exact centre of London is marked by a plaque in St Martins-in-the-Field? It can be found in the North East corner of Trafalgar Square.

Class 3 Tremors

We have seen the might of Mother Nature, witnessed natural disasters and met a geologist who came to talk to us about different types of rocks and we made photo collages of different sorts of stones. We became archaeologists and studied Pompeii. Our working display table allowed us to look and touch lots of different rocks and minerals.

Did you know the word ‘volcano’ comes from the name of the Roman God of fire, Vulcan?

Class 4 Frozen Kingdom

We have visited this planet’s coldest lands, become part of an Artic Expedition and have seen how the might of an iceberg sank the Titanic. We discovered and made beautiful artwork of the Inuit and saw the stunning Northern Lights. We messaged the captain of ship warning of icebergs and even built our own Igloo. In science we did an experiment with ice about thermal insulation.

Did you know the biggest threat to polar bears is climate change? Global warming means that sea ice melts earlier and reforms later reducing their hunting time.

Next stop Christmas!

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