Breakfast Club & After School Club at St Giles

Here at St Giles School we pride ourselves on our Wraparound Childcare.

‘Wraparound childcare’ is childcare that schools provide outside of normal school hours, such as breakfast clubs or after school.”

Ella said, "I love playing who's who at After School Club and I like colouring at Breakfast Club."

The childcare before and after school provides parents and careers with an invaluable service. Breakfast Club and After School Club are used by people everyday.

However, things change for us all on a daily basis - did you know you can drop your child at Breakfast Club any morning without prior notice? Just get to school before 8.25 am and we will give them breakfast so as you can carry on with whatever you need to do.

Likewise if you find you need to place your Child in After School Club half way through your day just ring school and tell us, if you leave a message we will get back to you to confirm we have received your request.

Breakfast Club will give your child a quiet and nutritious start to the day. Breakfast is served and the children have the choice of quiet activities. Breakfast Club runs from 8.00 am until 8.30am Your Child will be served;

  • Wholemeal toast with a choice of Honey, Jam or Chocolate Spread

  • Cereal- Cornflakes or Rice Crispies

  • Drink is a choice of Orange juice, Apple juice or Water

The cost is £2.00 per day per child.

Millie said, "I like playing games at Breakfast club, like Pop to the shops, with Mrs Shaw and Megan our helper. I love chocolate spread!"

After School Club is run by St. Giles school to provide your child with somewhere safe and fun to play.

Our After School Club leader is Emily and she has some amazing activities for the children to do while at After School Club. After the register has been taken the children spend 20 minutes outside, getting some fresh air after their school day and then come in for a snack. After that they choose which of our activities they wish to do. It couldn’t be easier to book your child in (even at a moment’s notice!)

Simply contact school on 01629 56813

Fees - £6.00 3.15-4.30 pm or £8.00 for the full session 3.15-5.30 pm.

Felix said, "After School Club is fun. I like that Emily joins in the with the games the children are playing. And she is generous with the snacks."

Your day doesn’t always turn out as predicted – our Wraparound Childcare helps with the unexpected. .

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