Once upon a time............

January 21, 2017

Once upon a time, in a land very close to here lived 5 magical teachers. They all worked extremely hard and loved teaching the wonderful children at St Giles School.


One day, as evening drew in, they were sat in the staffroom after a particularly long staff meeting perhaps curriculum planning, or target setting, possibly writing policies, having a work scrutiny or maybe subject coordinators’ meeting (obviously not marking or lesson planning as that would have to wait until they got home) a Fairy appeared and granted them 3 wishes.

In unison, without hesitation the 5 teachers replied with –

I wish every child in school would learn their spellings, practise their times tables and read at home daily.


The Fairy looked bemused and asked the 5 teachers why their 3 wishes were so important.

They replied, enlightening the Fairy.


Wish 1 – Spellings

We wish all children would practice their spellings for 5 minutes every day.


Every Year Group has a list of common exception words that the children are expected to know by the end of each year. The magical teachers send these words home as spellings so as the children can practise and learn them. The magical teachers also make working spelling walls in their classroom so as the children can get help with their spelling while doing their work.