School Council, Weather, Potions & Evolution!

The first half term of the New Year has gone by so quickly. This week’s Blog is feedback given to us by the School Council about the Topics they have been studying.

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But first let’s introduce you to our School Council and Head Boy and Head Girl.

Left to right - top to bottom

School Council Lois Year 1, Daisy Year 2, Maisy Year 3, Willow Year 4

Felix Year 5, Keira Year 6, Maisy Year 6 Head Girl, Jack Year 6 Head Boy

We’ve had lots of fun and learned so much!

What Topic have you been studying this half term?

Class 1 & 2 Splendid Skies

Class 3 Potions

Class 4 Darwin’s Delight

What was your Topic about?


Lois Y1 – Splendid Skies. I wrote 2 sentences about what I can see in the wind.

Daisy Y2 – Splendid Skies. We have a weather station and every day after playtime we wrote down what the temperature was.

Maisy Y3 – Potions. We learned about making potions. Learning about medicine potions, how they used to do medical operations a long time ago and how they do them now.

Willow Y4 – We made potion bottles out of paper, tights and wire. Then painted them and stuck on ribbons with a drink me label.

Felix Y5 - Darwin’s Delight. Charles Darwin and how his theory of Evolution works. How he collected specimens and learned about natural selection.

Keira Y6 – In science we learned how to extract DNA from strawberries and ourselves. We did an experiment to extract DNA.

What was the biggest thing your Topic taught you?

Lois Y1 – It taught me how a weather chart will tell you how the weather will be.

Maisy Y3 – There are lots of different potions. They have all got different uses and are used for healing people.

Willow Y4 – How medicines have improved and they don’t kill people like they used to.

Felix 5 – Humans used to be fish and turned into amphibians. There were dinosaurs, shrews and then apes who turned into man.

Keira 6 – Animals weren’t always as they are now. The animals look completely different, the elephant used to be a mammoth and before that like a pig.

What was the best part of your Topic?

Daisy Y2 – The walk to High Tor and drawing the map.

Maisy Y3 – The homework and making.

Willow Y4 – The homework and potions exploded.

Felix Y5 – Planting the seeds because we had to look after them.

Keira Y6 – The art and drawing plants and planting seeds.

Maisy Y6 – DNA I got to swill my mouth out to get my DNA.

Jack Y6 – Doing the seeds and the responsibility of taking care of them.

Moving on to this half term’s value – What was it?


What can you tell me about the value truthfulness?

Daisy Y2 – Telling the truth and not telling lies.

Maisy Y3 – You always need to tell the truth but you mustn’t hurt people’s feelings. Being truthful doesn’t get you i nto as much trouble.

Keira Y6 – If you don’t tell the truth people get nervous and don’t get the full story.

Jack Y6 – Always tell the truth because lies lead to bigger problems.

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