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We are now in Lent and we held a wonderfully, inspiring Ash Wednesday service at school with Father Mark.

Lent 2017 began on Wednesday March 1 and ends on Thursday April 13

Mrs Rogers talked to the children about Ash Wednesday as the first day of Lent which is a time of thinking about God and focussing more on him instead of “stuff” around us. It’s a day when we say sorry to God and think about our lives.

The children, sat in groups, talked about what it means to say sorry and why we might want to do that.

They were asked – How does saying sorry help?

Here are two of the children’s answers, “It makes you feel less guilty,” and “It makes you feel better”.

The children were then encouraged to think of things they might want to say sorry to God for and were given time to do this privately in their groups.

Their ideas were shared and here are some of their answers;

Sorry for breaking the rules

Sorry for spoiling God’s world

Sorry for sinning against God and breaking God’s rules

Sorry for taking people for granted

Sorry for not working as hard as we can

Sorry for not believing in you

Sorry for being unkind

These were then added to a prayer. As the prayer was said all the children in each group marked a white paper cross with oil and ashes.

On the first day of Lent (Ash Wednesday), some Christians mark their foreheads with ash as a symbol of sorrow and mourning over their sin. In our collective worship on Ash Wednesday Father Mark came to our service in school and marked those that wanted to join in, with ash. Father Mark explained the ashes he used had been blessed at Holloway Church and made from Palm Crosses from Palm Sunday last year. Father Mark said we will thank God for his forgiveness. He explained he was wearing a Purple Stole as Lent was a serious time of the year. Purple represents sorrow and penitence. It is the colour for Advent and Lent.

As Father Mark put ash on the foreheads of the Children, those that didn’t partake or had been marked sat in reflection listening to Kyrie Eleison, "Kyrie Eleison" is Greek for "Lord, have mercy." It is used as a prayer.

A candle was lit and the following prayer was said.

Hear us and help us Lord

Work through us so that we can share your goodness and love in the world

Show us the joy and new life that Jesus brings

Finally the children all picked up a paper heart and swapped it with someone in their group as a sign that they will look after each other.

Over Lent we will be collecting food for The Trussell Trust Foodbank in Clay Cross. For more information on Foodbanks Click here.

We do know that our Local Foodbank is short of UHT Milk, powdered milk, toilet rolls, toothbrushes and shower gel and Easter Eggs would also be very welcome. Here are the shopping lists.

We will put a collection box in the Infants Playground over the coming weeks but you always just bring it into school.

This year the Trusell Trust are asking people to join them in taking small actions to transform lives by giving up 40 pence for 40 days. With the addition of Gift Aid this comes to £20.
Or if you feel like challenging yourself to give something up during this period, why not donate the cost of what you save towards The Trussell Trust? https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-involved/lent/

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