Happy 1st Birthday Blog!

This week we will look back over the past year. The St Giles Blog is One Year Old and will be looking at ten different Blog Posts. Not necessarily the Top Ten but ten totally different Blogs that show the diversity of subjects the St Giles Blog has covered over the past 52 weeks.

The Blog was set up to share and inform the children, parents, carers, friends and anyone interested about what is happening at St Giles CE Primary School. We are proud of our School and also enjoy communicating what we’ve been doing.

Over the Year the Blog has been viewed 7392 times. There have been 62 Blogs published since it started. (At the time of writing this)

So here are Ten Blogs Blog Posts from the past Year.

  1. St Giles School, Matlock held their school Easter Fayre on Saturday 19th March 2016

The Easter Fayre was a great success and enjoyed by many people involved with St Giles School and the wider community. Father Mark, from St Giles Church, opened the event and the School Choir entertained the people that came.

The success of The Easter Fayre was hugely down to the help and support of the Parents and Staff, with local businesses providing raffle prizes. In total the event raised £540.20 for the school. The Easter Bunny made an appearance, even stopping to allow people to take selfies………..

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2. St Giles Primary - PVA School Grounds Development

St Giles PVA Group were extremely busy and productive over the Easter Break 2016. Have a look on their Facebook page and see all their great and much appreciated work in the conservation/STEM area at the front of school and the outdoor classroom they created, plus the building of 5 new raised vegetable beds and planters in the allotment at the back………..

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3. St. Giles CofE Primary School Matlock to grow seeds from space!

Children in Y5 & Y6 at St. Giles Primary School, Matlock, are preparing to become space biologists and embark on a voyage of discovery by growing seeds that have been into space………..

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4. Academisation and SATs

Our journey so far............Forced academisation is a hot topic at the moment so after the somewhat turbulent journey of St Giles CE Primary School it is worth pausing to take stock of our experience.……….

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5. Science Enrichment Day

St Giles held a Science Enrichment day that was literally out of this world! The Space Race.

In addition to teaching the National Curriculum St Giles School offers Enrichment Days every half term which aim to develop children's life skills and broaden horizons. Simon Edwards, A STEM Ambassador (Science, Technology, Engineering. Mathematics) joined the children for the whole day and the topic was the Space Race.

Simon explained about the Space Race between the Soviet Union, USA, China and Europe and the timeline of Space Exploration, Space Programmes, the first man in Space, the Moon Landings and Space Stations! ……….

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6. Is this History or your Childhood?

Class 3 have been working their way through the Post War decades in Topic. Visiting and stopping at each decade. Quite possibly having a fab and groovy time! The one area that caught the imagination of the children was making Platform shoes/boots. The finished products were amazing………..

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7. School Trips – The Great Day Out!

St Giles School has been researching and learning about contrasting locations in Topic, looking at where we live and then looking at a complete contrast to the Derbyshire Dales. Being in the centre of England where better to go than the seaside to compare and contrast? ……….

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8. End o​f Term & Christingle

On the day we break up for Christmas we hold our glorious Christingle service at St Giles Church. Every child at St Giles has made a christingle and we want to share the highlights of the service with you. Our Christingle service really encompasses the true meaning of Christmas.……….

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9. Forest Craft and Woodlands

Spring has arrived at St Giles School. Forest Craft has embraced this with the infants, who were very busy doing their outdoor learning activities. These were - Spring detectives, Tiny Treasure hunt and planting seeds for the veg garden………..

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10. Online Safety for our Children

How could we live without our smartphones, laptops, and other devices that allow us to go online? That's how most of us keep in touch with friends and family, take pictures, do our homework, do research, find out the latest news, and even shop.

Safer Internet Day 2017 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 7th February 2017. At St Giles School, as part of each half term’s ICT lessons, at least one ICT Lesson is dedicated to online safety. Children play Xbox, have tablets, ipads, laptops, Smart Phones and download apps.

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